We Will Remember

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Memorial Day FlagsIt’s Memorial Day. Time for cookouts and picnics and visiting with friends and family. Time to break out the garden hose, or the blow-up pools for the kids (and the big kids). Time to get to the beach (or “down the shore” if you’re from New Jersey) and work on that golden tan. It’s Memorial Day and the start of the Summer season. Or is it?

It’s Memorial Day. A day of remembering. According to History.com: More


It’s a Mystery

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Most Holy TrinityWell, it’s the end of Easter (officially, it ended on Saturday after the office of None). So many feast days we celebrated just since the feast of Easter – feasts that are very important in the Christian (catholic) calendar: Easter Day, Ascension, Pentecost (Whitsun Day). And now it culminates in the feast of the Most Holy Trinity where we celebrate one of the greatest mysteries of Christendom.

The Orthodox are great with the term “mystery.” Whenever someone gets into a theological debate with an Orthodox Christian, just as you get to the point where you think they simply can’t possibly explain the Truth, the simply trump the debate explaining “It’s a Mystery.” More

Drill Baby Drill

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Where do I even begin with this topic? I’m sure everyone else has blogged about it, so I doubt I have anything more to add to the gigabytes of thoughts already out there. But that’s never stopped me before. I just have to be careful of the language I choose when talking/writing about it. More

The Office – it just feels good

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The Divine Office. The breviary. The liturgy of the hours. Whatever you want to call it, it’s there to be used, and in all different forms, from the modern Roman usage to the old Latin forms, to Gregorian Chant. We’ve been told over and over that the Psalms are beautiful prayers, the most perfect prayers that Christ, Himself, used and knew; and what better way to pray the psalms than through the office? I know this. I mean really know this.

So why hadn’t I used it in so many years? More

His Nibs

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It’s an odd reference, “His Nibs.” But I hear it quite often and thought I would do my research on it to find out where it comes from, and exactly what it means.

I mean, I’m usually good with context and could tell when hearing it that it was more of a derogatory statement, not meant to be very flattering. So off I went to Google my way through to the knowledge I needed. More

Unemployment has its ups and downs

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I’m unemployed. It happened recently, but there’s good and bad to the story. I worked with a company that was very progressive. We were leading the way in our industry and forging ahead with new ideas and new technologies. We took the first steps into uncharted territories other organisations feared, only to find those same organisations were following. They looked to us for direction, though they rarely admitted it. More

Is faith unpopular these days?

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I remember when I was a child that going to church was a big thing. At that time of my life, I was Lutheran. We didn’t even think about not going to church on any given Sunday. It had nothing to do with guilt or obligation; it was just the way people were and the way we were brought up. Illness was the only reason you didn’t attend; and even then, you were left home alone while the rest of the family went. Our faith and our beliefs were important to us, and that spilled over into all other aspects of our lives. We lived our faith. But I look at general attendance these days and see so many empty pews with only a few exceptions. More