I’m unemployed. It happened recently, but there’s good and bad to the story. I worked with a company that was very progressive. We were leading the way in our industry and forging ahead with new ideas and new technologies. We took the first steps into uncharted territories other organisations feared, only to find those same organisations were following. They looked to us for direction, though they rarely admitted it.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. When we merged with a top-heavy, elephantine company (they were much larger, had many unqualified employees, were not as progressive, etc), their mindset was too large and too entrenched in their previous sloth, they were unable to change their way of thinking. Somehow, their people were put in charge, and our people were pushed out the door. I was able to hang on for about a year, but then they realised there was no place for me in that new organisation.

I’m sure it’s a story many people have lived – especially with this economy and the extremely high unemployment rates. All things considered, I guess I’m really luckier than most because my partner is still employed, our bills are being paid, and I don’t feel panicked about our situation. The “ups” I’ve been able to identify in all this is the fact that I’ve been given the time to detox from a job that had become so incredibly toxic over the last 2 years. I honestly feel much more relaxed and at peace, and it shows both physically and mentally. I’ve also been able to do things I’ve been putting off until I had more time (like this blog), devote more time to my church, and take care of my partner – cooking all the meals, packing his lunch, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and even experimenting with new recipes.

As for the “downs,” let’s face it – the lack of extra income! But even that could be an “up.” It’s made me look at what we have and makes me constantly ask myself, “Is that a want, or a need?” I guess it’s a question we should all be asking ourselves on all aspects and at all times, whether employed or unemployed, whether purchasing something or going somewhere. It’s also made me very thankful for what I already have – not just the things, but more importantly, the people.