Most Holy TrinityWell, it’s the end of Easter (officially, it ended on Saturday after the office of None). So many feast days we celebrated just since the feast of Easter – feasts that are very important in the Christian (catholic) calendar: Easter Day, Ascension, Pentecost (Whitsun Day). And now it culminates in the feast of the Most Holy Trinity where we celebrate one of the greatest mysteries of Christendom.

The Orthodox are great with the term “mystery.” Whenever someone gets into a theological debate with an Orthodox Christian, just as you get to the point where you think they simply can’t possibly explain the Truth, the simply trump the debate explaining “It’s a Mystery.”
Simply put, it’s something we cannot possibly understand in this life with this intellect. Just because we don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it’s not a Truth. We were taught of the reality of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. We were taught the Godhead is three Persons, but one Godhead. We were taught Who the Father is, Who the Son is, and Who the Holy Ghost is; and we were further taught of the unity between the three Persons, a unity that is so cohesive that they are One.

And that’s where our intellect leaves us dry. We don’t have anything in this world that works the same way, so we try to argue that it can’t exist. But then again, didn’t science feel the same way about gravity? About the laws of nature? About the age of the world on which we live? Stepping through time, gravity didn’t exist because we couldn’t explain it. The laws of nature were beyond our understanding (though much of it still eludes our understanding). And we used to believe the biblical chronology of Archbishop James Ussher who stated the earth was created in 4,004 BC. But we know better now. And science has even been able to look back in time to the beginning of the universe — something else that was thought to be impossible. I mean who could look through a window back in time to the beginning of the universe??

The mystery of the Trinity. Just because we don’t understand it now, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But I’m also reminded of a statement a friend explained which rang true: A Truth is not a Truth until you know it to be so in your own heart. The truth of the Trinity is known in my heart, so there’s no need to explain it for me. All I need to say is, “It’s a Mystery.”