Today I hear the government has now consulted with James Cameron (described as the director of ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ and a man who has experience working underwater) on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to come up with ideas to stop it. Really? James Cameron? The EPA released the statement:

Today’s meeting is part of the federal government’s ongoing efforts to hear from stakeholders, scientists and experts from academia, government and the private sector as we continue to respond to the BP oil spill.

James Cameron

James Cameron

Into which variant of “expert” does Mr. Cameron fall among this list? Just because he filmed underwater sequences in his movies, he’s now considered an expert on how to stop an oil spill that continues to gush from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico one mile below the surface? This man who mostly filmed his underwater scenes in huge tanks and not in the actual ocean? Apparently, his major in college was philosophy. Hmmm… Makes one think.

I’ve driven a car for 28 years. I’m guessing that makes me a consulting expert for the Department of Transportation for highway design.

When I was a child, I swam a lot; perhaps the EPA will be calling me for ideas as well. After all, having spent many years swimming competitively on teams (and I even swam in the ocean a couple of times!), I should surely be considered an expert to consult on the Gulf spill.

Then again, who wouldn’t have better ideas than the BP officials? Each effort has been a miserable failure, and these are engineers and agriculturists who have specialized in off-shore drilling for years, and the best they can come up with is clogging the hole with golf balls and old tires, or dropping the equivalent of a 10-story building on it to catch the overflow and pump it to the surface. In everything they propose, not a single idea was how to stop the flow, but how to funnel it to the surface so they can continue getting the crude oil from the bottom. It’s all about money.

Well, about money and saving face (and they’ve entirely lost that battle). Personally, I’d like to see them completely stop off-shore drilling for oil and find something else other than fossil fuel. We’ve been using oil and coal for entirely too long.

But perhaps we could consult with Mr. Cameron. If he’s an expert on oil spills, surely he’s also an expert on finding useful fuels other than oil, gas, or coal.