Joran van der SlootFirst it was Natalee Holloway. Five years later (to the day), it’s Stephany Flores. And I sit here scratching my head wondering how this guy got away with these two murders. Perhaps I can understand the first one (perhaps) because the Aruba authorities were so lax. Actually, some reports refer to them as “the Keystone Cops” (how embarrassing is that?). But shouldn’t the FBI have been keeping an eye on him, knowing he murdered Natalee?

Well, as you would have guessed, they were! That’s where we come to Stephany Flores and the question: Was the FBI responsible for her death?

I’m not saying the FBI actually killed her. What I’m trying to point out is had they gotten van der Sloot when they could, he never would have gotten to Peru, and Ms Flores would be alive today. As I understand it, the FBI set up a sting operation. Joran was trying to extort $250,000 from an unknown person for information on the location of Natalee’s body, and how she died. Long story short, the money was wired to him, they have him on video counting the money, and then they …

did nothing.

In the movies, this would be the time the good cops would burst into the room, guns flashing, badges waving, words flying that he was under arrest for extortion, they had proof on video, blah, blah, blah. But for some reason, they just let him continue on his way, which happened to be out of the country and on to Peru.

Thankfully, the Peruvian officials have been much more on the ball than Aruba and our own FBI. Kudos to Peru! Now let’s see if they can solve the Natalee Holloway murder.