Daniel E. Becnel Jr., a lawyer who has worked on many mass tort cases, says he is not taking spill cases for the money. “I want to do right,” he said.

Nearly 200 law suits have been filed against BP regarding the April 20 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, including death and injury claims from those who were on the rig that exploded, according to the New York Times.

<Begin sarcasm>
Wow. Newsflash. I never would have guessed there would be people in this world that would want to gain financially from a disaster like this.
<End sarcasm>

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that BP is innocent and I don’t think what’s going on is a good thing. BP needs to be held accountable. But the disaster still continues! Has anyone noticed that the oil is still gushing from the well? Can’t people at least wait until the disaster is over before choking the legal system with these claims (excepting the death and injury claims, of course)?

People have filed claims for possible economic loss because of the spill. Possible economic loss? What in the world is ‘possible economic loss’? Couldn’t they wait until they actually have the economic loss before they file a claim? Perhaps I should file for unemployment for possible job loss. Think that’ll fly?

Some have even filed claims on behalf of the oil-coated fish and birds. I’d like to see who steps up to collect that settlement.

And what about Daniel E. Becnel, Jr (above) who says he’s not doing this for the money, but because “I want to do right?” I wonder which case he’s taking…

These people are looking for financial gain in misery and disaster. Should those who lost loved ones or were injured from the explosion file suits? Absolutely! I don’t disagree with that, because they truly lost something from a direct impact of the accident. But the rest of these claims are just, plain stupid. But it gets better.

What about the mass tort litigators who are getting involved in this? When a mass tort specialist from Philadelphia was asked about his experience in the arcane maritime law involved in the spill, he replied (and I’ll quote him): “I go on a cruise boat occasionally.”

These people need to wake up and stop wasting the time and money of the court system. It’s become a joke. Leave BP alone for the time being. Let them stop this leak and clean up the royal mess they’ve made – that’s the most important thing right now. Then, when that’s all over and done, we can talk to the fish and birds to see what they want to do.