There’s a very good reason why there are almost no nude beaches left around here. The human body is an evil thing. It should remain covered from head to toe at all times, and any time any part of the body is showing in public it is disgusting and makes God punish mankind with sickness and disaster. Nudity is the reason for all man’s suffering.

Sounds pretty ridiculous, huh? Yet that’s the attitude we see all the time in the US on television, on the radio, in the streets, at the pool, and on the beach. People are so uptight about nudity and our God-given bodies. It’s absurd. I could never really understand it. We live in a country that prides itself in being “on the cutting edge” and “at the forefront.” It’s a melting pot where people have moved from all over the world to come together and unite as one. Yet one set of people who came to these lands so long ago set the stage for the creation of a country steeped in moral intransigence. The Pilgrims came to these shores to fight for their right to believe what they would, a right to worship as they wanted without being thrown into prison. Yet it’s that same Puritanism that has gagged true freedom in this country. Because they felt the body was evil, we have laws on the books today to uphold that thought.

One nude beach I know of is Sandy Hook, New Jersey. It’s just across from Brooklyn, NY, and it’s beautiful. It draws people from New York, Philadelphia, and everywhere in between. And contrary to what society says in general about nude beaches, it’s so popular that you have to get there very early to ensure you can even get a parking spot! It gets packed! And there are all kinds of people who go – couples, families, singles, children, adults, straight, gay. It’s fabulous, because it’s refreshing and healthy to the mind to feel the wind on your skin (just make sure you use plenty of sun screen!). We simply shouldn’t be ashamed of the gift God gave us.

The one time I went with a group of friends, one of whom said he would go, but would not go nude (which is always optional). Strangely enough, after being there for 20 minutes, he was more embarrassed with his bathing suit on than without it, and quickly shed every stitch of cloth. And you know what? He loved it.

I think we need more nude beaches, and public places where people can go to simply be themselves. And in the mean time, we should try spending some quality time just being nude in our own homes (until the puritanical movement leaves these shores). I know this all sounds ridiculous, but there’s reason behind it.

In 1997, Psychology Today published an article entitled ‘Why nudists don’t get erections.’ In the article, the author explains we’ve conditioned ourselves to equate nudity with sex and love-making (some of which would consider immoral or perverse). But nudists, who spend much more time without clothes and seeing the naked body, are conditioned differently. How refreshing it was to walk along the beach in Sandy Hook where families and children were playing, and none of the children pointed in shock and horror saying, “Mommy! Look! That man is naked!!”

In the story of Adam and Eve, they eat the apple and see each other differently (the loss of innocence) and feel ashamed of their nakedness. It’s interesting that the sin mentioned is that of thinking the naked body is shameful.

And who knows? Perhaps if we start getting to know our own bodies as beautiful again, we won’t all feel we have to be that perfect weight or height or size – because it’ll all be beautiful!