Big oil company executives take their oath before Congress

I remember when I was little, I couldn’t wait to get older so I could act like an adult. I would see other kids tattling on each other, saying very nasty things about others, throwing tantrums, and I never wanted any part of that. I looked at adults and thought, “They have the answers; they know what life is about, and they don’t have to deal with all these childish things anymore.”

Okay, maybe I didn’t say it quite like that, but I did like the idea of being a grown-up, being wiser, and having more knowledge. Instead, what I found out was that nothing changes. Children just grow into larger children, and I’m still waiting to reach that stage where I’m with the real grown-ups!

So now we see the big kids on the playground: BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell, and ConocoPhillips. They always played together and were friends. They always stuck together. But BP had an accident, and now the other 4 children are taking sides against BP, pointing their fingers, and throwing BP out of their little play group.

The chairmen of the four largest oil companies appeared at a congressional hearing to officially point their little fingers at BP regarding the oil spill and to separate themselves and their companies from the gulf crisis (and protect their financial interests, too). Of course they’re banning together and blaming BP with a solitary voice, saying that BP is guilty (well, duh…), and they never would have drilled a well the way BP did, and BP was not up to the standards they keep, and they never would have made the mistakes BP made.

Of course this is all wonderfully easy for these bullies to be talking this way – the accident didn’t happen to them, and that’s only because it happened to BP first. This was bound to happen in time because of their incessant greed. Remember not too long ago when the economy tanked? Remember when people were losing their jobs left and right, taking pay cuts, and doing anything they could to make ends meet because the money just wasn’t there any longer?

Do you also remember that at the same time, those same oil companies were posting historic profits? $10 Billion profit in one quarter (that’s only 3 months time)! Where was their conscience then? Only now do they step forward to kick one of their buddies that’s down, and quite frankly it’s because their profits are down (but the prices continue to rise).

Both Congress and Obama have repeatedly asked BP to put billions of their profits into an escrow account to pay for damages, cleanup, etc, yet BP continues to ignore the request saying they can’t commit to that at this time. What are they waiting for?? Wouldn’t it be better for all the oil companies to set up escrow accounts? Shouldn’t they all take responsibility for this? Because one day or another, they’re all going to see a disaster happen, and we’re the ones who end up suffering.