VaguebookerOkay, I’m sure we’ve all seen it. Someone on our Facebook friend list leaves a vague message on their status – something to the effect of “Why does it have to be so difficult?” or “I just don’t understand it.” There’s no content. There’s no reason to even pursue it. It’s Vaugebooking!!

So why do people do it? Why do they feel the need to draw attention to themselves without actually saying anything? Could it be that they are in need of attention? Are they starved for attention and need someone to actually come up to them and ask them, “Oh, dear! What in the world has happened?!”

Personally, I try not to follow through with vaguebooking. If someone I know does it, I ignore it. The way I see it, if they really want to discuss an issue, they’ll either post something definite for their friends and family to see, or they’ll call me directly and tell me what happened. But I find it incredibly insulting to have a friend hint around that everyone should give them attention. It’s so Kindergarten.

Conversely, I have to admit that the opposite is also true. Someone who regurgitates their entire life in a single Facebook status update needs to be hidden. The Facebook status is simple to understand: “What’s on your mind,” not “Lay down on this sofa and tell me why you hate your mother.”

People, please – if you have a Facebook profile and feel the need to vaguebook, don’t. I think the rest of us would rather you email us directly or say nothing at all. And if you’re going to spill every deep and hidden thought that you’re currently thinking, please know that Facebook does offer that wonderful “Hide” button. Post responsibly, and post exactly what you want the entire world to see, because the entire world does see.