FriendshipHow do you spend your days? If you are like most people, there is at least a small part of your day spent communicating with or spending time with a friend. They’re there when times are difficult; they’re there when times are good. When you have wonderful news to share, they’re right there with you, or on the other end of the phone or email sharing that news with you. But just how important are they? And what benefit are they to our lives?

According to an article in Psychology Today, friendship’s don’t just happen; it is a complex dance with many nuances in order to form these special bonds. Friends are often those who cross paths like coworkers, neighbors, and people we run into at the gym. It’s people with whom we first build a bond of common interest. The dance continues to grow from there if we feel comfortable enough, and step into the area of sharing those important secrets we hold about ourselves – those things we’ll only discuss with people whom we trust to hold these disclosures. And when they also confide in us, the bond of friendship moves into an intimate one that lasts. These are the friendships we hold dear.

I was reminded of these friendships this past week when I spent the last week with very dear friends of this type, and I’m thankful for them. These are friends I can contact about anything, whether my work relationships, my spirituality, or every day things that happen. These are the friendships we need in our lives to get us through every day. These are the friends we need to share what’s most important to us; or those things that just make us laugh. These are the people in our lives that make life worth living.

And every day I thank God for these people!