Hurricane Oil Spill

Is anyone else worried about this hurricane season and how it’s going to impact the oil spill? I’m very worried, because with all that oil in the water, which has been relatively calm these days, the hurricanes are going to stir that hot mess all over the place, push it onto shore, and send it into the gulf steam that will whip it around Florida, up the east coast, and across the Atlantic to Europe. Is this what we’ve been waiting for?

Perhaps this would emphasize the importance of the disaster to BP when it enters their waters. No longer would the BP CEO be able to race his yacht without troubles. No longer would the UK have need to think the US was blaming the government for the disaster caused by BP. Perhaps they would lean heavily on the company to do something since the slick would start circling the globe and affecting more than just the US coasts.

But then again, would it be too late?

Come on, BP! Man up and do what you need to do to fix this problem! Stop pointing the fingers! Stop trying to make this disaster into a national debate, and start fixing the problem with the billions of dollars you’ve been sucking out of the world-wide community to make a profit for yourself!

We’ve already paid for this disaster with the high prices all the oil companies have inflicted on us! Just do it!