AlcoholadoHave you ever gotten a mosquito bite? They itch. They itch like crazy! But I learned of a Puerto Rican secret, and I want to share it with you.

Alcoholado. That’s the secret! It’s an alcohol rub with bay laurel leaf extract which has this most incredibly pleasant smell to it. And it just might be that part of the product that makes it such a wonderful thing. Simply rub a little of this on your mosquito bite and voila! Within seconds it stops itching, and within hours the entire thing is gone.

But it also works for bee stings. Just the other day my partner was stung by a bee (long story – he dove into head-long into a hornet hive in our front yard and got stung). We whipped out the alcoholado, dabbed it, and the pain was immediately gone and the swelling was gone!

I highly recommend it!