Bad Customer ServiceCustomer service used to be something we could look to for help. It used to be something we could rely on when we went to a restaurant, or needed computer help with a program or operating system, or even our bank. There was a time that I remember when you would call customer service and they were truly a service to customers. “The customer is always right,” used to be the motto. I’ve come to the gruesome realization today that customer service has met an untimely death. May she rest in peace.

I remember the days when I was a server in restaurants many years ago. We aimed to please those customers because they were (literally) our bread and butter. But that doesn’t seem to be the issue these days. Just today we stopped at a Red Robins restaurant for a late lunch. The restaurant wasn’t busy at all (we went there between lunch and dinner). We were seated at a table and given menus. We sat there for at least 15 minutes until we were even greeted by a server, who stopped by the table and said “I’ll be with you shortly.” Another 5 minutes later, the server came to take our drinks order and offered nothing else. He later arrived with our appetizer – but we still didn’t have utensils! He responded with a pile of napkins and said that he would bring us utensils when they were available. Available?? In the entire restaurant, you don’t have clean utensils???

So we sat there. We sat there for about 10 minutes without utensils and had to ask him again for utensils. Frankly, if that was me, I would have been riding someone’s ass to get clean utensils on the table before I put food on the table!

We finally got utensils, and about 10 minutes later, our entrée arrived. I needed a drink refill when he brought the entrees (if you’re familiar with Red Robins, they offer free refills on drinks and steak fries…). I asked when he put our food on the table – and never received it. I had to ask 3 more times for him to deliver the drink, and by then I was finished with my food.

There were additional faux pas with the rest of the meal, and at the end he simply gave us our check without even asking if there was anything additional we wanted (dessert, etc.).

Needless to say, our tip (which I’m usually very generous with 20%) was a mere $1.00. I would have been embarrassed to give any kind of service like that! Am I a bitch for only giving a dollar? Maybe. But I’m hoping that he got the idea that he can’t live as a server.

How often have you called for customer service and were talking to someone in India who could barely speak English?

Enough is enough! Customer Service is dead! But it’s not lost! We need to resurrect the life of customer service and remember (again) that the customer is always right! For God’s sake, put yourself in the customer’s place and imagine what you would want to receive!