Texting while driving

By now, it’s a well-known fact that driving while texting, or talking on the phone without a hands-free device, is dangerous. So many people have been killed in accidents because a driver was preoccupied with their phone, their conversation, or their text chat. And let’s face it – there are a lot of people who simply have problems doing more than one thing at a time (like chewing gum and walking).

Just recently, the State of Delaware joined the ranks is other states that have finally banned these actions. Kudos to the Governor for signing it into law. There will be a six month grace period where people will not receive fines so the state can get advertising out there, then the fines will start rolling in. But there’s the problem.

From what I’ve read, the fines are pretty slim! $50 dollars for the first offense, then additional cost for additional offenses. $50??? I’ve seen speeding tickets (ahem… of personal experience…) that have been much more than that. Speeding doesn’t necessarily mean death if everyone is doing the same speed and are driving safely without distractions.

So many times I’ve witnessed people who are totally unaware of their spacial surroundings. How many times have you been in a store, walking around, and ended up bumping into people (or nearly so) who were walking in one direction and looking in another? How many times were you driving behind someone when, all of a sudden, they slow down; and when you go to pass them, you see they’re talking on the phone? Or, conversely, you’re stuck behind someone driving so slow, then all of a sudden, when you try to pass them, they speed up like they’ve finally finished their call, hung up and started driving?

Some days, I wish I had a paint gun so I could shoot the cars of people who were talking on their phones while driving. It would mark their car for the cops to pull over and give them that $50 ticket! Or better yet, take a picture of them while I’m passing them, and send it to the cops so they can send them a ticket in the mail.

For crying out loud, people! HANG UP AND DRIVE!!!