iPad TravelIn my last posting, I mentioned how the iPhone helped us on a short vacation. This is the second post to explain why and how it was.

First of all, the TripCase app is an awesome tool. It keeps track of all the elements of your trip – from flights, to hotel, to rental cars, with detailed information and even a place to put your notes for each aspect. For instance, we put where we parked in the notes section for the airport so we could easily find the car when we returned. And in the notes section for the hotel, we put our room number so we didn’t have to commit it to memory!

Additionally, TripCase offers a web application if you’re away from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and need to look up information. By simply putting in your flight information/confirmation number, your hotel name and confirmation, and your car information/confirmation number, TripCase constantly updates your information via the web connection. We knew (on the way home) that our flight’s gate assignment changed before anyone else did! And it will automatically send updates and itinerary information to anyone you want to notify.

Additionally, when we were in Atlanta, the Google maps feature with the GPS got us around the city without any guessing – even when we thought we were lost walking somewhere! When we landed at the airport, Google maps showed us exactly which train to catch from the airport to our hotel, which stop to get off, and which direction to walk to get to the hotel. And when we walked to an excellent restaurant for breakfast the next morning, it told us how to walk there. When we thought we were getting off track, we opened the maps, turned on the GPS, and it showed us we were 2 blocks off the path and how to get back on the right path.

When we spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium, it also took great pictures and video that we could share with friends on Facebook, etc.

Of course, the idea of keeping in touch with people with the phone and email was priceless! And lastly, the flights to/from Atlanta were made much more pleasurable because I could watch a movie I sync’d before I left. Madagascar 2 was so enjoyable to watch, even on the little screen! It was like a personal experience!

I’m sure others have favorite apps they use when traveling, and I’d love to hear what they are and how they benefited your trip. But even with just these apps (and I have many more apps), I truly feel the iPhone makes an indispensable travel companion!