At this point in the story, if you’re not familiar with the ongoing debate in New York City of the erection of a Muslim Mosque and cultural center just blocks from ground zero, you’ve probably been in a coma. No matter where you look, everyone is talking or writing about it (yup! I’m guilty too!). Of course I have my own two cents worth of thought on the whole subject. And everyone’s favorite Alaska gal pal Sarah Palin has her nickers in a twist over it and has been freely speaking her mind (what there is of it) over the past month, with statements and tweets proving her savvy political knowledge of all things current (*cough*cough*).

President Obama courageously stated they have the right to build their center where they’ve proposed. And I have to agree. What he later had to explain to the apoplectic and frenzied media the next day, is that under our own Constitution, they do have the right to build a house of worship anywhere they want. President Obama defended the right to build it, not the wisdom of its location. Therein lies the difference.

I understand the tragedy of 9/11, and I understand that because it was accomplished by a handful of radical Muslims, it becomes a very touchy situation to a lot of people. We’re afraid; we’re skiddish because it’s still too soon (When will we be able to let go of the pain and terror? Who knows?). Realistically, we don’t see this kind of media frenzy when a Baptist church builds a house of worship within a mile radius of an abortion clinic, because realistically, we know that not all Baptists want to kill every doctor that believes in abortion. Again, whether you believe abortion is a good thing or not, it is still protected as a right of privacy (remember Roe v. Wade?)

Especially in this time when the events of 9/11 remain fresh in our minds, it is true that anyone has the right to build a house of worship and cultural center where they want; but its prudence (or “wisdom,” as President Obama said) is what is more important than the right. Should we not worry also about the health and safety of those who will be using the center, knowing that just the other day a Muslim cab driver’s throat was slit merely because he was Muslim?