Is it me, or is this country quickly going to hell in a carpetbag? What’s wrong with the Congressmen we’ve elected? (No, wait! That’s not politically correct. Perhaps “Congressmen and Congresswomen?” No!  Wait! “Congresspeople!!” Right??)

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen the ever-growing breakdown of government. It’s been like watching a Kindergarten class, which hasn’t yet mastered social interaction or communication skills, suddenly realizing they’ve been left alone in the room. Tantrums have erupted. Hair-pulling, smacking, biting, and throwing things is all you can see. Little Nancy is crying because she’s not getting enough attention; Johnny is playing King of the Hill and throwing everyone down that he can.

And as we got closer to the mid-term elections, we all remember those commercials. The back-biting, the mud-slinging, the lies and misleading messages. I almost felt like I had to smoke a cigarette and take a shower afterward.

And just as we thought it was going to get better after the election dust settled, it didn’t. Paul Krugman of the New York Times perhaps said it best in his article There Will Be Blood. If this battling continues between the parties and they don’t come to agreements, this government will shut down like an engine without oil. No use blaming it on the Republicans or the Democrats or the Independents or the aliens. They’re all at fault to some extent or another. Each and every one of them needs to pull their heads out of their butts, wipe the stink off, and get to work doing what we’ve elected them to do – govern the country!

Oh! And to every one of those candidates who ran for and won election by promising to balance the budget and cut spending: I’ll give you 2 months to put your money where your mouth is.