SB 30Yes, I know.  I’ve been silent for a long time. But honestly, nothing has really crawled under my bonnet until recently.  And boy, has it all made up lost time! I’ll start with the first bee in my bonnet since it’s moving ahead, then probably post something later about the other irksome buzzer.

In case you hadn’t heard, the State of Delaware has finally stepped up to the plate for equality. Last week, Senate Bill 30 was introduced, went through committee, and cleared the full Senate on April 7 with a vote of almost 2-to-1 majority (props to Senator Liane Sorenson of Hockessin who was the only Republican to vote in favor of the bill).

What I find most interesting are the comments from so many dim-witted, narrow-minded people who feel that a bill like this is no needed; or bewail the fiscal ramifications that if we legalize same-sex civil unions, the state will lost $1 billion over the next 3 years. (Really? That’s your tactic? Then why don’t we just make all heterosexual marriages in the state of Delaware illegal as well, and then maybe we can shore up any future deficit!

One “enlightened” Senator (read: Republican) proposed two amendments to the bill. The first would extend this civil union to heterosexuals and people in a non-romantic relationship who are living together. Perhaps I’ve missed something; but I thought that already existed – it’s called Marriage, you dolt!

The second proposed amendment would take it to a public referendum – nothing more than a stall tactic, if you ask me. It would have pushed it off for another 2 years, provided it got passed.

Thankfully, both amendments were defeated as were any kind of tabling tactics to give a very few Senators ample time to come up with more amendments to defeat the bill.

The people start weighing in with their opinions (yeah, I know… I have my own, too.). And when I read these postings, I sit in amazement that these people can even get dressed in the morning. These people who constantly refer to homosexuality as a perversion, or that it’s a choice. Trust me – I’ve known some really perverted heterosexuals, and if anyone thinks that living a difficult childhood because I could never come out to my friends, fearing for my life during the years of fag-bashing, and knowing that moronic, right-wing nuts would always look at me as a “pervert,” would be anyone’s choice should really seek help.

Some like to comment and blog that there’s no scientific proof that there exists a “gay” gene. Well, that’s right. They’ve not found a “gay” gene; but they have found a genetic link in gay men (cf. That’s scientific proof. But just for argument’s sake, where’s their scientific proof that it’s a “choice?”

And then there are those who use religion to justify their hatred for humanity (correction: humanity that doesn’t look, smell, act, and think like they do). Do they actually think that an All-Loving, All-Caring God, whom we say we believe in, would hate any of His creation? If so, I want nothing to do with their version of god (yes, I used a small “g” there). They spew rhetoric about how the Bible says this homosexuality, or that against homosexuality. I could care less what the Old Testament says against homosexuality; I’m a Christian (and catholic) and am governed by the Gospels and by the teachings of Jesus Christ. I searched the four Gospels for anything that He may have said about homosexuality and it’s sinfulness, and do you know what I found? Nothing.

So, while basking in the glow of the news of the successful vote of the Senate (now it goes to the House of Representatives, into committee, and if it comes out of committee by April 13th, it may be voted on as early as April 14th), I learned of a poll (unscientific, of course) being done by asking people to vote Yes or No to the question: “Should Gov. Jack Markell sign the civil unions bill if it passes the House?” It started out with a large response from the far right, but now we need to act. Here’s what you can do as long as it’s still there (especially if you’re in Delaware somewhere, anywhere!):

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the poll on the right-hand side (a little more than half way down) and vote.

Later, I think I’ll say a little something about Congress and their inability to agree on a budget… *sigh*