Legislating Morality

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MoralityI was recently pondering what’s wrong with society these days; and more precisely, what’s wrong with our kids? I’ve been hearing all sorts of news from all over the globe highlighting the mind-numbing crimes done by kids under the age of 18. Serious crimes. Not just simple things like cow-tipping or crop-circle-creating or spray-painting or kick-me signs. I’m talking about murder. About robery at knife-point or gun-point. I’m talking about kids roaming the streets at night of these small towns (or even some of the bigger cities) and taking over through violence. I’m talking about flash mobs of teenagers attacking innocent bystanders – or busting into stores and simply taking anything and everything they can get their hands on. More


Nobody believes in that anymore!

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Corpus Christi

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi – a major feast of the Church werein we celebrate the Eucharist, given to us by Christ, Himself, in the Upper Room the night before He died. Since we cannot offer the excellent pageantry due this glorious Mystery on Maundy Thursday because of the solemnity of the Triduum and the drama of the impending Good Friday and the Passion of Our Lord, this Feast Day was set up so that we can, with everything at our disposal and within reach, can celebrate as is due. Of course, in this day and age, churches no longer celebrate Corpus Christi on it’s actual day. Rather, they push it off until the Sunday after – to make it easier for the people to attend. More

Please! No More Pussy!

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Feeding CatI think it’s time I talk about my neighbor. I love cats, I really do; I’m just allergic to them. I love dogs – not allergic to them, and hope to get one again some day. In short, I love animals and all sorts of pets. We had a fish not that long ago, but it died – well, it got flushed. Actually, it hadn’t even quite died by the time “the flushing” happened. It was sick, was eventually going to die, and therefore got flushed. It wasn’t an accidental flush, it was an out-right “I know it’s sick and not dead but I’m still gonna flush it” flush. Because fish are cheap. And they can be flushed without clogging the toilet. I just hope I don’t get seriously sick one day … I might be the one getting flushed. But at least I know I’d clog the toilet.

But I digress. More

The Magical Mysterious Grade

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Let me gaze into my crystal ball

Imagine a system whereby people are graded (or “rated”) as a good person who is worthy, or as a bad person who is unworthy, by a complex calculation; almost like looking into a crystal ball. Let’s further imagine that this complex calculation will take into consideration such ideas as how much money you make, when you’ve made it, where you have it, how much of it you spend and how quickly you spend it, where you work, and how long you’ve worked there. But let’s say this calculation should never take into account any life-altering moments – being suddenly laid off from a position you held for many years because the company needs to trim their budget, a mortgage foreclosure due to a recession that is almost as bad as the Great Depression, the loss of a loved one. More

Society’s Obsession with Sex

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Freud with cigarWhat is it with the American media’s obsession with sex? They see sex in everything (very Freudian; but even Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”). Weiner, Clinton, Tiger, push-up bikini bras for pre-teens, and babykinis (bikinis for babies as young as 3 months old)… Just what is media’s fascination with turning everything into a sexual scandal and a sexual condemnation? And why is it so important to prove everything as being perverted and debased (as if they were the only morally idealistic group around)? The media seems to be very quick to point the fingers at others, accusing them of pointing fingers at others! More

No More Room for God


No GodMore and more these days, religion plays less a part of our lives. Whether you’re Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or any other number of other world-wide beliefs, religion no longer plays an important part in the majority of people’s every-day life. We find time in our daily lives for all sorts of extra activities: ball games, rehearsals, sleep, socializing, work overtime, and even those little episodes that pop up unexpectedly for which we “just have to show up.” But for some reason, the majority of people seem to not be able to find those few hours of life per week to devote to the Creator (whatever Name you have for him). And barely anyone can discuss “God” in public, lest they feel shamed. More