Freud with cigarWhat is it with the American media’s obsession with sex? They see sex in everything (very Freudian; but even Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”). Weiner, Clinton, Tiger, push-up bikini bras for pre-teens, and babykinis (bikinis for babies as young as 3 months old)… Just what is media’s fascination with turning everything into a sexual scandal and a sexual condemnation? And why is it so important to prove everything as being perverted and debased (as if they were the only morally idealistic group around)? The media seems to be very quick to point the fingers at others, accusing them of pointing fingers at others!

We are not Puritans! I honestly believe the English should be celebrating as a national holiday the day of Thanksgiving Day, whereas it should be a day of mourning for Americans. England should shout with joy the Puritans left (and we should mourn their puritanical ideologies have taken such strong and deep root on our shores). In Europe, sex is a part of life. Nudity is natural. Why do we, as Americans feel the need to continue to look at the human body and see it as perverted or disgusting? We like to feel that we are above the rest of the world; that we are the world-wide seat of Democracy, yet we are still of the weak-mindedness of the Puritans that, contrary to their proclaimed love of God, shunned all good things he gave us.

Anthony Weiner sent some photos of his wiener to adult women. So what? What he may have done was, as some may feel, immoral. But was it illegal? No.

A company has manufactured bikinis for infants. Is it illegal? No. Is it immoral? Hardly.

Yet the media in both circumstances have jumped on the bandwagon and proclaimed them immoral. I sat in awe watching these people tear down a company that was simply making cute, little bathing suits for babies. We love to see their little chubby cheeks! We love their cute little thunder thighs! Their baby fat makes us go “ahhhhhh…” because it looks so adorable. Does that mean we’re sexually objectifying the babies? Hardly. Yet the media was inviting people to weigh in on their message boards if they thought it was immoral to make and sell these items (again, this was after they had already pronounced their turgid judgement).

The question with those babykinis isn’t whether they’re moral or immoral – it should be whether the parents will or will not remember to use enough sun screen!

Wake up! There’s more important issues at hand then sex. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!