Corpus Christi

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi – a major feast of the Church werein we celebrate the Eucharist, given to us by Christ, Himself, in the Upper Room the night before He died. Since we cannot offer the excellent pageantry due this glorious Mystery on Maundy Thursday because of the solemnity of the Triduum and the drama of the impending Good Friday and the Passion of Our Lord, this Feast Day was set up so that we can, with everything at our disposal and within reach, can celebrate as is due. Of course, in this day and age, churches no longer celebrate Corpus Christi on it’s actual day. Rather, they push it off until the Sunday after – to make it easier for the people to attend.

Hey, guys! We have a little problem. These Christian people of ours are just too darned busy during the week to have to come to a Corpus Christi mass on a Thursday night, and they’re feeling so guilty about it! I think we need to help them out. It’s not that important anyway; and let’s face it! No one believes in that transubstantiation bullshit anymore. I think we need to move it to Sunday so they can all say they were still there and just skip the weekday thing. Okay? Great! Now let’s go grab a couple of martinis and discuss what we should do with Christmas…

Okay, maybe they didn’t actually say those words (though I did actually hear a priest say that line about transubstantiation once!), but it does come down to the same thing. As time marches on, the place of religion takes more and more of a back seat to our secular lives. We are re-arranging our faith so that it fits neatly in the corner of our secular life rather than the other way around. Even a church like S. Clement’s Philadelphia – which does still celebrate Corpus Christi and every other major feast day on its day – sees the number of people in the pews dwindling. The majority of the churches that even remember to include Corpus Christi on their ordo kalendar anymore postpone the great feast day to accommodate the people who can’t seem to find it important enough to get their lazy butts out to worship but for one day out of the week without a papal bull. They can, however, always find the time to go out for happy hour, meet friends for dinner, see a movie… or make plans on how to further sabotage the Church.