Excuse me, does it stink in here?

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Bad Smell BabyI smell something. Does it stink in here?

Once again, I find myself sitting here wondering just how much more screwed up our Congress can get. Seriously, is this an historic level of stupidity we have reached today? (Well, at least it’s bi-partisan…) It’s not just the Democrats acting like fools; it’s not just the Republicans acting like snot-nosed little brats; it’s not just the Tea Party (though technically not a party, they do have a heavy hand in all this) holding this country hostage over an unfinished budget and a looming deadline. They’re all equally ruining this country, killing our economy, and flushing the rest of the world down the toilet, while fighting like a bunch of school girls from the Bronx who just found out they were all screwing the same guy. And let’s not forget how well they’re all getting paid to do it. More


The Ordination of Women

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Ordination of WomenI’ve thought long and hard about this topic – for as many years as I’ve been an Anglo-Catholic – and over these years I’ve become more and more set in my ideals and beliefs. At a time when most clergy are less willing to take a firm stand on the ordination of women, and only willing to side-step the issues, I’m very willing to state exactly what I believe without fear of retribution. When confronted about how they believe, many today will either immediately state they agree with the ordination of women, or will not give a succinct answer for fear of limiting their job opportunities. More

A [Money] Tree Grows in Washington

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Money Tree

I know I’ve asked this question before, but what the hell is wrong with our Congress? Wait; that was kind of an open question, wasn’t it? Too many places to go with that one. So let me refine that question a wee bit: What the hell is wrong with our Congress that they don’t understand how finances and budgets work? Do they honestly think there are little money trees growing in a money orchard behind the Treasury Building? Do they really think that these trees are planted in successive denominations with the largest number of trees being the $20 bill trees? Really?? More

Has the Fat Lady Sung Yet?

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Fat Lady SingsSo by now we’ve all hear the news: Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, after a deliberation of about 10 hours. Okay, really? Not guilty? More and more this is sounding like something else we’ve experience some years before. “If the gloves don’t fit you must acquit,” was the chant, I believe. Who says you can’t get away with murder? O.J. Simpson did it. So did Robert Wagner. So why not Casey Anthony now? The only difference between the guys and Anthony is that they were famous before they did it; she wasn’t. But don’t let that sway you – she’ll do it backwards and become famous after the act, because now I’m sure she’ll get a reality show out of this, if not a Lifetime movie! More