Fat Lady SingsSo by now we’ve all hear the news: Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, after a deliberation of about 10 hours. Okay, really? Not guilty? More and more this is sounding like something else we’ve experience some years before. “If the gloves don’t fit you must acquit,” was the chant, I believe. Who says you can’t get away with murder? O.J. Simpson did it. So did Robert Wagner. So why not Casey Anthony now? The only difference between the guys and Anthony is that they were famous before they did it; she wasn’t. But don’t let that sway you – she’ll do it backwards and become famous after the act, because now I’m sure she’ll get a reality show out of this, if not a Lifetime movie!

Yet I’m still not hearing the fat lady singing in all this. The story still isn’t over, and I’m not talking about her sentencing for the 4 misdemeanors (which, by the way, in case you’re wondering and haven’t seen the news yet, she was found guilty of those and got a total of 1 year in prison for each misdemeanor for a total of 4 years in prison, 3 of which she’s already served). This whole thing is like an evil circus that comes to town and steals the souls of innocent bystanders. (Does anyone remember that movie Something Wicked This Way Comes?) What I’m talking about is the murder of a child. The murder of Caylee Anthony. And I can’t believe this three-ring circus – complete with a whole troupe of evil clowns! – has totally overlooked the primary reason for this monstrosity of justice.

Whether you believe that Casey did or did not physically commit the murder of her own child, how can anyone excuse the fact that she knew her child was dead and said/did nothing. Unacceptable! Even if it was an accidental drowning in their pool and her father covered it up and hid the body in the woods, the child was dead and not reported! (And even if that scenario is true, what kind of sane adult would try to cover up an accident?? Don’t you normally try to cover up a crime?)

The trial is over. But we still don’t know who killed little Caylee or why; and whoever did is still out there somewhere, grinning from ear to ear like the malevolent Chucky doll, knowing he (or she?) got away with murder. Oh, hell. May as well just go out and party and get a tattoo!

Oh, wait! Someone’s already done that!

So here we are. The scenery is still on stage, the applause has died down, the actors are exiting stage left, but the lights haven’t come up yet. Where the hell is that fat lady??