Money Tree

I know I’ve asked this question before, but what the hell is wrong with our Congress? Wait; that was kind of an open question, wasn’t it? Too many places to go with that one. So let me refine that question a wee bit: What the hell is wrong with our Congress that they don’t understand how finances and budgets work? Do they honestly think there are little money trees growing in a money orchard behind the Treasury Building? Do they really think that these trees are planted in successive denominations with the largest number of trees being the $20 bill trees? Really??

Yet here we are, once again, on the brink of a financial meltdown because these simpletons don’t understand the concept of a balanced budget. (Queue the scary organ music.) Are they so far removed from reality to think that the country could be run like a business without any business principles? Insolvency is insolvency, no matter whether it’s you, or me, or the company I work for, or the government. And just because they’ve raised the “debt ceiling” time and time again, doesn’t make us more solvent! Have you tried that with your credit card company?

Oh hello Visa, thanks for calling. Oh really? I’ve reached my credit limit and now I have to pay my bill in full? Gee, I don’t have that much money coming in, but I have an idea! Why don’t you raise my limit and we’ll just call it even? Will that work? Great! Okay, I’ll talk with you again next year. Have a nice day. Buh-bye.

I can’t spend more money than I have, the government won’t allow it. The company I work for can’t run without a business plan (read: balanced budget), the government won’t allow it. My church can’t run another year without a budget in place, the parishioners won’t allow it. So what makes these morons think they can continue running a country without money? Simple. Because they’ve bludgeoned us with their rhetoric into thinking that they’re only looking out for our best interests. Rather, they are only looking out for their own pocket, and to guarantee getting re-elected so we can continue to take care of them, pay for their vacations, pay for their medical insurance, pay for their gym memberships, their parties, their families… Hell! Sign me up!!

I’ve heard it said in the past: If you want Congress to fix Social Security, put them all on it. If you want Congress to fix Medicare, put them on it. But as long as Congress is so far removed from the lives the rest of us live (where we are not taken care of for the rest of our lives by us, but rather shoved into those institutions they’ve set up for us). Perhaps if their fat paychecks ceased each year until they passed a balanced budget without raising the debt ceiling, they would be able to see a little more eye-to-eye. The Republicans refuse to increase taxes. That would be acceptable if the taxes they refuse to admit were for the low and medium income constituents. Nope. They refuse the proposed taxes on the wealthy. The same people who are writing the laws. Those making over $250,000 per year. Those same who have received innumerable tax breaks from the Republican regimes of the past.

And should I even get into some comments made by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman? You know who she is – the one who’s currently replaced Sarah Palin as the most embarrassing one of the bunch (until Ms Palin, herself, finally decides to run again; in that case, all bets are off). Regarding the debt ceiling, she stated “We were all shocked and appalled that President Obama dangled out in front of the cameras that senior citizens may not get their checks. That is a very dangerous statement to make.” She continued to say “We don’t believe that for a moment,” as if the financial crisis of the debt ceiling isn’t serious.

Could someone please give her a clue???

In the mean time, Obama seems to be the only level-headed one of the bunch. He said to Eric Cantor (R Va) who suggested a short-term raising again of the debt ceiling for another year and insisting that revenues (those pesky taxes for the rich) were off the table, “This process is confirming what the American people think is the worst about Washington: that everyone is more interested in posturing, political positioning, and protecting their base, than in resolving real problems.” “I have reached the point where I say enough,” he concluded. “Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here? I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.”

Well said.