Bad Smell BabyI smell something. Does it stink in here?

Once again, I find myself sitting here wondering just how much more screwed up our Congress can get. Seriously, is this an historic level of stupidity we have reached today? (Well, at least it’s bi-partisan…) It’s not just the Democrats acting like fools; it’s not just the Republicans acting like snot-nosed little brats; it’s not just the Tea Party (though technically not a party, they do have a heavy hand in all this) holding this country hostage over an unfinished budget and a looming deadline. They’re all equally ruining this country, killing our economy, and flushing the rest of the world down the toilet, while fighting like a bunch of school girls from the Bronx who just found out they were all screwing the same guy. And let’s not forget how well they’re all getting paid to do it.

However, in all of this, I simply can’t understand how anyone can even think of blaming Obama. Congress is supposed to submit a budget to be approved, not the President. Congress is supposed to work together for the greater good of the people who elected them, and not because they want to be elected to another term. Congress needs to grow up and stop throwing their little hissy-fits and start playing together in the same sandbox (I’m looking at you, Boehner!).

Both sides seem to favor the idea of raising the debt limit – the House wants to raise it through to the Spring of next year so they can all make sure they get re-elected (My dear constituents: Look at the wonderful work I’ve done in this last term of office! I’ve personally helped to stave off the collapse of the country just long enough so you can elect me to the same office for another term so I can continue screwing with your heads and your pockets. Yee-haw!) and the Senate wants to extend it into 2012 so that they have more time to work out deals both sides can agree on (Dear Senator Reid – If you blockheads couldn’t fix it over the past year when you knew this days was coming, what makes you think you’ll do it in 2012 when all of you seem to live by the motto “out of sight; out of mind??”).

John Boehner: “When the house takes action, the United States Senate will have no more excuses for inaction.”

Really, Mr. Boehner? I’m terribly sorry, but tossing a shit-laden slice of moldy bread into the ring does not constitute having taken action. You and your motley Tea Party crew are not willing to pay the same tax percentages the rest of us pay because you’re getting all the loopholes opened by Busch to protect the rich. And you’re willing to let the rest of us go under rather than pitch in to help.

It’s almost like a giant asteroid was found by (now defunct) NASA (remind me to blog about that later). It’s the size of Manhattan and headed straight for the earth.

Tea Party: Oh yeah? You call that a threat?! We refuse to do anything more than make the city of New York move a little to the left and see what happens! You don’t scare us!

Democrats: We can fix this! New York doesn’t need to move at all because we’ll build a rocket to destroy it before it hits! The Earth will be saved! Just make sure that rocket is painted blue or else it won’t work!

Republicans: The Democrats don’t know anything! Move New York a little to the left and send a rocket to destroy it, but it has to be painted red!

And that asteroid just continues to hurl closer, and closer, and closer…