The Pattern and the Weave


Weaving threads

It’s interesting how quickly it can happen. We make a friend, who becomes a great friend (almost like family). The years you know each other are special and leave an indelible imprint on your heart. Even though you lose touch over the years because of so many different reasons – one of you moves; you get a new job; you no longer move in the same circles – you still find yourself thinking of them with great fondness. More


Get to the Point

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I know some people are absolutely terrified of needles. They will do anything and everything in their power to avoid getting shots at doctors offices or hospitals. Some will even faint when they see a nurse walk in with a needle. I used to be one of them.

I wasn’t really the type that would fall over or (even worse) throw up on the nurse’s shoes, but I did have my particular level of fear as a child of needles that most children have – the shakes, the chills, the butterflies in the stomach – all symptoms of that feeling of not knowing what it would look like or how big the prick would be, but just knowing that it was going to hurt and hurt bad! As a young child growing up, my mother always took us to this family doctor who believed in the power of Vitamin B-12 and everyone who walked into his office for whatever reason (even if it was to ask directions because you got lost) got a shot of B-12. Shoot first; ask questions later. Of course when he’d come into the room to ask the questions, he always had a cigarette dangling from his lips, ashes dropping to the floor…  More

This Economy Sucks

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It’s really amazing when you think about it – that we are no longer in an economic recession in this country, alone. Instead, it’s spread into the rest of the world, and now has infected Europe like a canker sore. The US continues with its infighting (House against Senate; Republican against Democrat) trying desperately and (might I add) feebly to fix our economic problems. Congress has failed miserably every step along the way because of petty bickering. Now, the issue is whether we should stop giving tax breaks to the filthy rich (those making more than $1 Million a year) and letting them pay just as much percentage as everyone else. And don’t get me started about certain parties refusing to let the Bush-era tax breaks for the rich end – because we know that means the individual morons blocking that change are the same morons who would finally be contributing to the economy and thus helping to bail out this country without outside help!

But I digress… More

A Day in the Life

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The days of this week were outrageously surreal. So many people I saw in public seemed to be off their rockers! Throughout each and every day, there was at least one time (usually multiple times a day) when I would at least mutter to myself, “WTF? Are ya kiddin me?” More

The Art of Forgiveness

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MooningWe all know we’re supposed to “forgive and forget;” that is, just as long as they don’t forget that we’ve forgiven. Additionally, Christ instructs us to “turn the other cheek.” Some believe this means to allow yourself to become a welcome mat and permit others to continue slapping you in the face; but I’ve also heard this particular phrase’s translation explained a different way. The actual term used in Aramaic [Don’t ask me what it is – the person I once knew could read and write Aramaic and was in the process of translating the Gospel of John from the original Aramaic into classic English] was the same for that of the buttocks. Christ didn’t mean to turn the other cheek on our face to be slapped even more. Rather, He was referring to the cheeks upon which we sit! Quite literally, we are to turn around, show them our “other cheek,” and walk away. (This does not, however, give us the permission to moon everyone who pisses us off.) More

Things That Go Bump in the Night

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It might not be Halloween, and we might not even be in the month of October, but with the cold weather (it’s only gotten up to the mid-60’s today in our neck of the woods, with a cold, chilly rain all day), it is reminiscent of those fall days when we start to think about those creepy stories, and Halloween nights, and things that go bump in the night.

So those of you who know me may have already heard this story. It’s not new; it happened about two years ago (now that I think about it). But I think it bears repeating (at least once for the blog) to share with the whole world what it’s like to be an absolute doofus! More