Well, it’s that time of the year once again, where we flip the page on the calendar and start all over again with a new year, hoping with every fibre of our being that this time things will get better. It’s a time of reflection; a time of hope; a time of recollection; and, for some people, a time for getting stiinking drunk, dancing nekkid on the dance floor and puking in a urinal (not that its ever happened to me – besides, I’m not allowed back in that club anymore).

But perhaps this new year will be a little different for most people. This time everyone is talking about the end of the Mayan calendar – and they have been for quite a few years now – with everything ending on December 21, 2012. It differs dramatically from all the morons we’ve been hearing about (okay; just one really insipid moron who did it at least twice this past year and both times was a-wrong-o!) “calculating” by themselves and proclaiming to the world and their followers when the world will end, when the rapture will happen, when Jesus is coming back to take us back with him, or when we’ll all just disappear.

Yeah, I noticed you were still here, too.

Supposedly, from what I’ve heard, read, and watched on the Discovery Channel, this coincides with the moment our solar system is in perfect alignment with the center of our galaxy. The (queue scary organ music) Galactic Alignment. So what? I Googled enough to know a “galactic alignment” happens every year or so, and always happens around December 21.

But even if you did continue to believe the world, civilization, the human race, and everything else we know and love were to end on that date when the 5,126-year-long Mayan Long Count calendar ends, would you still do anything differently? Most people will still go out and party like crazy just like they have every other New Year’s Eve, and celebrate New Year’s Day with a humongous hangover and feeling the need to shave the hair off their tongue. And some few will be sitting in their church remembering the Feast of the Circumcision on January 1 like a good Catholic.

Me? I’ll most definitely be relaxing with my hubby at home, just by ourselves, and will probably be in bed by 10:00 (thought probably asleep by 9:00). Regardless where you will fit in, I wish you a very Happy New Year. May it find you healthy and centered.

And if it all does blow up at the end of 2012? Oh well. At least we’ll have last year’s hangover to remember.