On one hand, we have the Governor Chris Christei – the Republican who tells everyone he’s not interested in running for the Presidency (at least not in 2012), is against homosexuality, who openly opposes “gay” marriage, and has just recently vetoed a bill passed by the New Jersey State Senate to legalize this “gay marriage,” opting for a public referendum. (Personally, I don’t like the term “gay marriage” – it’s just marriage; we don’t call it “straight marriage” or “bisexual marriage” for those who can marry today. Why do we need to call it “gay marriage” for the rest of us? But I digress.)

On the other hand, we have the Governor Chris Christie – the star-struck Republican who seems to be overly fascinated with the success of Whitney Houston that he would declare all state flags to be flown at half-mast in honor of the singer’s death.

Now, I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who starts talking smack about Whitney Houston, about her life and death, speculating how she may have died. This blog isn’t about Whitney. it’s about the insanity of Chris Christie, and my inability to figure out just what he’s thinking!

Christie spits on a law his legislature passes – not by a thin margin, but by a definite number – and states they don’t know the voice of the people. He vetoed the rights of man because he feels these people (homosexuals) have no rights to live as everyone else. To deny homosexuals any of the same rights given to heterosexuals (and, yes, bisexuals and transgenders – because they can live “normal” lives and marry and enjoy those same rights). Yet in the same breath, he feels he knows the hearts and minds of his people by lowering the state flags to half-mast in respect to the death of a singer.

As you can imagine, this has raised quite a few eyebrows and has let out quite a cry from the public. I have no problem with honoring Whitney. The family held a 4-hour funeral service in the church in which she grew and in the town where it all began. There was security, there were barriers, there were protections, there was media. Security continues to guard the cemetery where she lies, to keep it secure with the masses of people who will come to see the place of her burial.

But it’s the lowering of flags to half-mast that really has me puzzled. Can someone please explain to me why this makes sense (outside of the fact that he’s trying to ride on her coat tails of fame to catapult himself higher in the wider public’s eyes for the 2016 Presidential campaign?).

Christie talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one side he says that the legislature (and he) cannot speak for the people for such important cases (like “gay” marriage), but that the people should vote on it. And at the same time, out of the other side of his mouth, he says that only he knows what’s best for the state, and forces the public to make a public sign of reverence to an entertainer – a sign of reverence and respect that has always been saved for heros, for elected officials, and for the firefighters and police who lost their lives. It’s like an outward sign of the entire state (or country) bowing their heads in prayer remembering these fallen who have given their lives for ours in their service.

For Christie to proclaim this flies in the face of all those who have laid down their lives for ours. Flags have never been lowered for entertainers, no matter how good and honorable they were, whether there were drugs involved or not. Did Christie lower the state’s flags when Michael Jackson died? No. Did Christie lower the state’s flags when Dame Elizabeth Taylor died – someone who was not only an entertainer, but someone who raised awareness of HIV/AIDS and donated millions of her money to research as well as many other philanthropic causes? No. And does he lower the flags for any of the fallen service men and women who have lost their lives fighting in the wars in the middle east fighting terrorists and keeping our borders safe? No.

So what, exactly, is Christie’s game? Whatever it is, I think it’s a pretty dangerous one when he starts playing with human rights and human honor. Perhaps he should start listening to his legislators – those whom the people elected to be their voices. If he has any chance of looking toward the 2016 Presidential campaign, he’d better get used to listening to other people. Otherwise, he’ll be nothing more than another Bush – and I’m not ready for another bunch of years of that!