As we’re all well aware, the holidays are once again upon us. This time, it’s the Easter and Passover holidays (seems like it was just yesterday that it was Hanukkah and Christmas).

But the thing that really has always confused me was the idea if the Easter Bunny, the hiding of eggs, the candy. People say its a Hallmark Holiday – a holiday produced by the greeting card companies – to sell soft and cuddly and sweet things. But I’m not sure that’s entirely correct. I can see how Christmas came to be the celebration of Santa Clause (again another Hallmark holiday centered around gifts and a jolly fat man in a red velvet suit and black boots giving gifts to children), but the Easter Bunny is something that has always eluded me. How did it get associated with Easter (the Queen of Feasts) of all days? The only thing I could possibly come up with (and it’s really stretching it, if you ask me) is the concept of Spring; of the “rebirth” of life after a long Winter of “death.” 

We have now entered the Triduum (the Great Three Days) of the Christian kalendar. These are the most holy of days for us, taking us through the Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden, to the Crucifixion and Death of Christ, and ultimately to his Resurrection from the Dead. I’ve heard some say that going through Holy Week and the Triduum is “play acting” in that we are reminded of the Suffering and Death of Christ. Yet to admit that anything we do spiritually is mere “play acting,” demeans who we are as Christians, tears down one’s faith, and crushes one’s spirituality. If we believe we are “play acting” in our spiritual lives, then we must admit that there is no reality to our faith and practice, and religion – any religion – is mere fable.

I intend to put myself into these Great Three Days fully and spiritually (well, as fully and spiritually as I’m able under the circumstances); and I wish the same for you. It’s not about The Bunny; its about one Man’s Sacrifice and humanity’s redemption for it. May your Easter be a holy and blessed one.