I’m sure everyone else has been thinking the same thing. What’s this year’s election going to look like?

Already we can get a feel for it; and it’s almost a done deal that Mitt “Mittins” Romney will be the GOP candidate even though the primaries are not yet over and he doesn’t quite have all the necessary delegates. (Although, as an aside, that process alone will be interesting enough to watch how they all battle it out amongst themselves. Romney has basically declared his victory, yet Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum have all refused [as at this writing] to step down or hand over their delegates to anyone; and if I remember correctly, not even Michelle Bachman has officially quit the campaign and given her delegates to anyone at this point. It’s like a bunch of children thretening to take their marbles and go home.)

But what I find most intolerable at this point of the game is the unbearable rhetoric from all of the GOPers – Obama killed the economy; Obama threw this country into debt; Obama increased the unemployment rates; this country fell apart under Obama’s watch; Obamacare is dangerous and should be repealed. The other day I actually watched one GOP delegate (non-presidential), state in his TV ad a long string of hackneyed rhetorical phrases: “I will repeal Obamacare, I will cut spending, and I will never increase the debt limit.” Yet just like the others, not a one of them can actually say something that has any meaning or logic or forethought!

Obamacare – is it perfect? Far from it. But it’s a step in the right direction to try to fix a major problem that has existed in this country with runaway health insurance costs. No other past President was willing (or able) to take this on in his administration, so I applaud Obama in getting this moved forward. It’s a start in the right direction. But to just repeal it signifies that those people want things the way they were – out of control insurance costs that, left unlegislated as they have been, will continue to bankrupt the middle-class and poor. Isn’t it interesting that it’s the Romney’s in the world (the rich) who are most opposed to Obamacare and want things back they way they were rather than making Obamacare better and fixing what they see as “broken.”

Cutting spending – well, duh! Of course anyone who says they’ll cut spending is going to rake in brownie points in an election; but what spending are they talking about cutting? Medicare? Welfare? Education? If its so easy to just cut spending, then why hasn’t it been done already? Why is Congress at each other’s throats every time the budget comes up? Its because they all agree on cutting spending, but can’t agree on what to cut. That said, cutting spending is only half the story – you also need to find a way to bring in more income. And as a government relies on its people for money, it will need to generate more income from them. So could someone please explain to me why Romney and many other “Romneys” are opposed to the Buffet Rule (where the rich, those who make over $1M, begin paying their share of taxes, paying a higher percentage rate of income instead of a lower percentage than everyone else)? I have yet to hear any acceptable explanation why this isn’t a good reason (especially when Warren Buffet himself wants to see it happen).

Never increasing the debt limit – well, I’ve never really agreed with increasing the debt limit myself (it’s like calling up Visa and asking them to increase your credit card limit because you can’t pay it). But to say you’ll never do that, but would rather allow your country to go into default is just stupid. Personally, I’d be all for Congress allowing the debt ceiling to raise while they were working on a fix to decrease the debt. What I can’t agree with is raising the debt ceiling just to kick the can down the road to deal with the issue at a later date. And most of these people are only doing it to avoid issues until they can be re-elected. That, in my book, is the worst – to put your own wallet first and foremost above the people you swore to represent.

In my book, Obama hasn’t done a bad job for the short time he’s held office. Quite the contrary, he has historically done some of the most work any President has done in a first term, and has made a huge difference because of it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It took eight years to destroy our economy (which found its completion in October of 2007 when everything crashed), it’s not going to get fixed overnight.