Some of the Worst Sermons Ever

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I sit there in absolute and utter awe when I hear what I would classify as some of the worst sermons … ever. You know, they’re the sermons that leave you scratching your head – not because of the lofty and possibly slightly intangible bits of theology you’ve been given to feed upon that are based on the readings of the day; not because of the messages that teach you more about your faith and encourage you to live more deeply and more fully in those beliefs because you’ve been strengthened by those edifying words and thoughts. No, I’m talking about the unbelievable utterances of men who step into the pulpit, or behind the lectern, or podium, or wherever they tend to do these things, and spout complete and utter nonsense that has nothing to do with the current readings or passages for the day. These are the men who leave me sitting at the end of the sermon asking myself “WTF?” More


Ascension of Jesus

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Now, I’m not perfect. I’ll be the first one to say it. But at the very least I know not to say things that are contrary to what I do (and things people can clearly see I’m doing).

I’ve recently been made aware of a post on the blogosphere on the topic of the Ascension. Sadly, the author of that blog clearly missed the irony of his own words. [Note: I’m offering the link to his blog here, but I’ve also saved it as a PDF here in case the posting later disappears (as has happened with another controversial posting of his). I’m also blogging about it here to voice my disagreement, as any kind of comments I’ve attempted on his blog in the past have been rejected or deleted; so I don’t even attempt that any longer.] More

Again with the Gay Marriage

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Who would have thought that so soon this discussion would be in front of everyone again – only this time with the President of the United States behind it? I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – quite the contrary, I believe it’s a good thing to have a sitting President of the United States take a formal stand on “Gay Marriage” (and why do we keep calling it Gay Marriage, anyway? Will we be keeping it separate from “Straight Marriage” or “Breeder Marriage,” “Black Marriage” or “Asian Marriage?”). Put simply, he’s stated that over the past several years, he’s been giving it a lot of thought and has come to the conclusion that everyone, even homosexuals, should have the right to marriage and everything it stands for.  More

Octomom Files for Bankruptcy – Wait. What?

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Strangely enough, I was actually surprised when I Googled “Bankruptcy” this morning and immediately saw the news coverage from all over (CBS, Herald Times, MSNBC, etc.) about “Octomom” Nadya Suleman having just filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Federal Court yesterday. And trust me when I say that I was even surprised that I was surprised at this news.