Strangely enough, I was actually surprised when I Googled “Bankruptcy” this morning and immediately saw the news coverage from all over (CBS, Herald Times, MSNBC, etc.) about “Octomom” Nadya Suleman having just filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Federal Court yesterday. And trust me when I say that I was even surprised that I was surprised at this news.

Now, I am far from being an expert on all things “Bankruptcy,” but I have picked up a little bit here and there (since my day job is working for a Bankruptcy law firm). I know that recently the bankruptcy laws have tightened more and more over the years to make it (supposedly) more restrictive when filing; and according to some of the reports I’ve read (not sure if it’s the norm, but I would hope it would be), a Trustee will be assigned to her case to verify that she’s truly not able to pay her debt, that her debt far exceeds her net worth, and that she is not trying to take advantage of a bankruptcy filing to get out of paying (and I think this last part is the most important of all).

But that’s where I take issue with Octomom even being allowed to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Just to summarize (in case anyone out there has lived under a rock and doesn’t know the story): She (Nadya Suleman) is the one who had 6 children before the octuplets were born; she conceived all her children through invitro fertilization (IVF); even after having her 6 children, she continued to have IVF treatments resulting in giving birth to the octuplets; she doesn’t work; she lives on public assistance; she (somehow) purchased/rented a 4-bedroom house with a whopping $3,000/month payment; and she was recently investigated by social services for a complaint of a filthy house and only a single working toilet.

I don’t have a problem with people feeling a need to use IVF under normal circumstances, but the fact that she already had 6 children from the process and found a doctor (who, I believe, has since lost his license) who continued doing it even though others told her no. I don’t have a problem with people needing large homes that they rent and pay $3,000/month for it – if they can pay for it!!!

She’s clearly shown that she’s unable to take care of these children (let’s not even address her inability to even take care of herself), yet every time she makes another bad decision, she qualifies it by stating, “I have to do anything I can for my children, because they deserve it,” or “I’ve had to make very difficult decisions,” trying once again to eek out more sympathy from the media and the public.

Well, quite frankly she wouldn’t have to be making these kinds of “difficult decisions” if she thought clearly and possibly sought some psychiatric help. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn’t a “difficult decision;” it’s an escape from having to pay people and companies she knew she couldn’t pay when she established the service. Deciding to do porn for a million dollars (or more) is not a “difficult decision;” finally waking up and realizing her decisions are only harming her children further and and deciding to put them into foster care where they would all be taken care of by (hopefully) people who truly want to take care of those children and give them what they need and pay attention to them and love them – until she actually might get on her feet – now that would be a difficult (and proper) decision!

I don’t doubt she needs help. Lord knows, those children deserve better than what they have now; and this Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing of hers is not going to solve her problems. She’s just going to turn around and do the exact same things again.

Can you just imagine the conversation around the dinner table when those octuplets turn 16?

I’m sorry, babies; but Momma simply had to flash her boobies and get her coochie pounded in porn videos to put diapers on your little bottoms, cookies in your one hand and cans of spray paint in the other to graffiti the house we lived in. I tried to go bankrupt so I wouldn’t have to pay any of those nasty unnecessary bills like gas, electric, and water for the rest of my life, but then I found out that’s not how it worked! There were still things they told me I have to pay! I made such difficult decisions. But I did it all for you, my little pumpkins. Now all of you eat up your Hot Pocket din-dins… Momma’s gotta get ready to go to work at the Strip Club. But I do it all for you; because you deserve it.