Sandusky, Paterno, and Sanctions – Oh My!

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Life doesn’t seem very happy in Happy Valley these days.

Now that Sandusky was found guilty and is awaiting sentencing, the focus of the media and everyone else has shifted to the famed statue of Joe Paterno, and the NCAA’s sanctions on the university. The Pedobear has been spotted (and photographed) next to the statue of Paterno, and comments have been made and posted that perhaps the statue should have a yellow spine painted down its back, that his head should be turned the other way, or should just be completely removed. The university decided to have the statue removed and placed into storage. I think they did the right thing.



The Failure of Living Up to Our Own Standards

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I used to hold very high standards for my life. When I was little, I couldn’t wait to grow up because that would mean people would treat me like an adult. First, I couldn’t wait to go to Middle School (we called it Junior High School when I went through it) because they all looked so old and mature; but when I got there, nothing had changed.

Then, I couldn’t wait to get into the Senior High School because those people all looked so much older and acted so much more mature. Certainly things would be different once I reached that level. Yet, just like Middle School, when I got there nothing had changed. More

5 Ways to Give the Worst Customer Service

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Lousy Tip

I remember when I was a teenager (which was only a few years ago, because I’m only 29… Shut up!!) my oldest brother told me about a trick he used to do when he got poor service at a restaurant. I never knew whether it actually worked or not, because I’d never tried it – until just the other day. (Relax! There were no servers injured in this blog writing.) What he did was to leave a penny under an upside-down full glass of water on the table – leaving the server the only option but to dump an entire glass of water to get the measly penny as a tip. (The secret, if you haven’t figured it out, is to place a dollar bill over the glass, turn the glass upside-down which causes suction and seals the water, place it on the table, then quickly slide the dollar bill out leaving the water and penny under the glass.)

The above photo is my proven experiment.

Now, I know I’ve written about this before; yet it still gets me how companies can continue to give the worst customer service to their customers and still expect them to come back for more. It’s like being the proverbial abused spouse: “I deserved to be hit; I fell down the steps; I walked into the edge of the cabinet face-first.” It’s almost like we can’t stay away from being abused by the people we’re giving money to, and just keep going back for more. More

Standing Up for What You Believe


Apparently, religion is no longer a very important part of people’s lives. I’ve written before about religion, and how it doesn’t play a major role in people’s lives any longer. I’ve written about changes I’ve seen personally, and changes in general. I’ve written about secularism invading religion. But the chasm grows ever wider, separating those who feel it is important in their lives and those who couldn’t give a lesser crap about religion, provided they’re still getting their paycheck. This mind-set even moreso affects clergy, who (some) get paid a hefty salary, even though they’re not doing the job for which they’re getting paid. More