Spinach, watermelon, banana, orange, flax seed, and almond milk, baby!

Well, I think I’ve reached the point in my life where I’d like to do some of those “healthy” things again.

Oh, I used to do it way back in my 30’s. I did the weight lifting thing, and the proper balanced diet with proteins and carbs, eating every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolism up, dancing for hours on the weekends which also helped me keep fit – hell, I didn’t even have to watch what I ate at that point, it would just melt off me by the mere thought of it doing so! I even had a 6-pack for the first time in my life (today, it’s more like a keg).

Then, I ran face-first into my 40’s; and it was not a pleasant greeting. I’m not afraid of age, mind you. I truly feel it’s only a number, and like “they” say, we’re only as old as we feel. Some days that would make me about 95, whereas other days it more closely resembles 29 (as you all know). But when the calendar chimed 40!!, it’s like everything changed, slowed down, sagged (who says men don’t have boobs?), and expanded.

It’s a natural part of life – things change; life evolves and moves on, and either we must change and evolve with it or be forever left behind. So I’ve welcomed change (at times cussing at it like a truck driver, but welcoming it just the same). Change for change sake is not good, but when you realize that everything has changed around you, sometimes you also need to realize you have to flow with it as well.

So what does every normal person do when they feel the need to do a life-change? You got it! Get caught up in watching an infomercial and get suckered into buying that product. I mean, honestly, I never even saw the entire informercial – just the last 10 minutes of it, and I was already hooked and texting my partner that we couldn’t live without it.

And so, a week later, the NutriBullet arrived!
It slices! It dices! It even circumcises!

Oh, wait… that’s something else.

But at any rate, this machine was going to have me eating more raw fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains every day – so much so that my momma would be so proud of me. I could see in my mind’s eye the image of me whirring together a blended – no, EXTRACTED – beauteous drink of health and well-being, lifting it high in the air like the opening scene of The Lion King, bringing it slowly to my lips while the angels sing, a halo of bright light shining behind me…

So we ran to the grocery store to fill up our cart with copious amounts of fresh, raw, healthy foods of varying degrees: spinach, kale, alfalfa sprouts, black beans, white beans, walnuts, cashews, flax seeds, papaya, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, oranges, lemons, limes, rolled oats – we were packing it all in like we’d never done before. Then we started with the simplest concoctions with mostly berries to get accustomed to how they’re made (as well as taste; after all we were never really sure if we’d LIKE how they tasted), and they were good!

Then we decided to start experimenting on our own and doing some combinations that weren’t listed in a recipe book.

Let it be known, you have to be very careful with the concoctions you make on your own. Just the other day I think I made a cleansing drink for breakfast by mistake. Let me tell you, I was busier than a one-armed paper hanger for most of the morning!

But in the end (pun intended), we’re actually feeling really good with these health drinks – more energy, sleeping better at night, waking up more alert in the mornings, regularity (don’t ask). My partner wakes up every morning and whirs a “blast” (as they’re called) to take with him to drink on his way to work, and then we blast again with dinner (we’ve worked it out in our minds that they cancel out the negative impact of hotdogs, pizza, etc.). And at this point it’s not a chore, either – we actually look forward to it!

So here’s to healthy changes for a healthy life!