Teachers and Strikes



Why is it these two words always seem to go together? When I was growing up, a teacher’s strike was a very rare occasion – even something that was more of a “once-in-a-lifetime” event. Yet now we see teachers striking all over the country, at all different times of the year, and happening every single year somewhere!



Giving Thanks



Well, today is Thanksgiving Day, and I will – as will the majority of Americans – be sitting and stuffing my face with Turkey, dressing, appetizers, cranberry sauce, desserts, and more food than anyone could possibly swallow in one sitting (actually, it would most likely be more food than would feed a third-world country for a month). After all, that’s exactly what Thanksgiving Day is all about, right?

It’s also about friends and family – and arguments, and bickering, and throwing things at each other because you haven’t seen each other since last Thanksgiving’s brawl which you lost.


The Gay Pot Fiscal Cliff Complication



Well, the elections are finally (FINALLY) over and done – and even Florida’s votes have already been counted! Now we can knuckle down and get to work. We have a president going into his second term to finish (hopefully) the job he started, four states have approved marriage equality by popular vote, two states have legalized recreational marijuana, and by the end of the year all tax breaks will expire and the world will end as we plummet over the fiscal cliff everyone’s been talking about, dragging the world’s economy with us and throwing the entire world into the Dark Ages.


Personal Space



People don’t seem to have a sense of personal space anymore these days. This “personal space” is roughly between 16 to 28 inches between you and the other person. I understand that in some cultures that space is reduce to about 3 inches, but not here. Unless you’re, like, really hot, and you’re single, and I’m, like, single, it’s, like, not cool.


All Saints and All Souls

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On the first and second days of November every year, the Church celebrates what appears to be two opposing “feasts” – namely, All Saints on the first, immediately followed by All Souls on the second. Yet despite their apparent opposition of solemnity (especially within the traditional celebrations where all the stops are pulled out for the first, with all the extra white candles, all the fancy vestments, the colors of white and gold and silver abounding, compared to the very somber darker unbleached candles, the vestments of black or violet, the more somber and sobering music, etc., for the second), they are actually quite similar in nature – two sides of the same coin, one might say.