Well, the elections are finally (FINALLY) over and done – and even Florida’s votes have already been counted! Now we can knuckle down and get to work. We have a president going into his second term to finish (hopefully) the job he started, four states have approved marriage equality by popular vote, two states have legalized recreational marijuana, and by the end of the year all tax breaks will expire and the world will end as we plummet over the fiscal cliff everyone’s been talking about, dragging the world’s economy with us and throwing the entire world into the Dark Ages.

It’s not like this is news (the cliff thing, I mean; not the other items). People are talking about the “fiscal cliff” like this is a surprise – like we didn’t see it coming – like the baby who actually thought daddy disappeared behind his hands. People! Congress has known about this since the early part of this year when they raised the debt limit to see us through another couple of months. This is the proverbial can they kicked down the road, and quite a perfect example of procrastination at its best! Why do tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely? And think about it: we pay these sorry people’s salaries to do this (HUGE salaries, at that!).

But so as not to diminish the positive achievements around the election, I would again like to summarize:

Four states approved marriage equality – not by legislature (e.g., a bunch of State Senators or Representatives writing the laws that a Governor signs), but by the people of the state voting on it and saying, “Yes! We approve of marriage equality!” (Notice I didn’t say “gay marriage?”) This is a big thing. A BIG, big thing, because this is the first time in US history that the people have spoken plainly and in the face of such groups as Focus on the Family and National Organization for Marriage. The opposition can no longer fabricate stories saying, “Oh, the people don’t want it; it’s just being pushed through by legislation and forced on the public!” Well, bitches, these four states just told you that you’re wrong. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it!

I’m guessing their theory of the total destruction and annihilation of the institute of marriage also goes out the window. Gay men and women have been marrying each other in the legal states over the years, and yet somehow heterosexual marriages still exist. Suck on that, bitches!

But I digress…

Two states legalized the use of recreational marijuana. This is another first in US history! Colorado and Washington have stepped up and proven it can be done! Put it on a referendum, let the people vote, and they’ll tell you! They wanna get baked!

Duuuuuuudes! Cheech and Chong would be so proud!

The only problem is that those state laws now contradict the federal laws against the use of marijuana – which might not be a problem in the end, because it just might force the federal government to re-evaluate its laws on these types of drugs (or at least this one in particular). After all, alcohol is a mind-altering substance, and it’s legal. I’d also heard it mentioned on a reputable news “round table” broadcast this past weekend that the last three sitting presidents of the US have admittedly used the substance recreationally (although I’m sure not one of them inhaled).

Hmmm. Maybe we should offer a doobie to the Christian Coalition of America, Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, and all the other groups against marriage equality that need to loosen up those sphincters.

And now, that veritable fiscal cliff we’re driving toward like Thelma and Louise. The amount of money each of the candidates raised for their campaigns was incredible: millions and millions of dollars on each side for nothing more than propaganda (both sides) and attack ads on television (both sides). But think about it – would we be in this fiscal situation if all sides engaged with the same exuberance to wipe out debt? The petty squabbling back and forth is wearying, and the idea that the people we pay to run our country in fact hold the country hostage to get what they want (e.g., not passing a proper budget or bill until they get everything into it or out of it that they want for themselves).

If it was up to me, not a single member of Congress would get a penny until they fixed the government and passed a proper budget. We keep pointing our finger at the sitting president to blame for the state of the country, when in reality we need to start blaming Congress. After all, they’re the ones putting the budget together (or failing to). The President doesn’t have carte blanche to override Congress. Hell, he can’t even line them all up and slap them Three-Stooges style. The office of the President is only (at most) 2 four-year terms; but there are no limits to terms in Congress – yet we continue to elect the same people who keep holding guns to our heads and saying “blame the President!”

Now is the time this country needs to come together and get some serious work done – before we drive off that cliff (I’m looking at you, Congress!). Well, at least Colorado and Washington State will be really mellow over it.