I occasionally have these random thoughts. Rather than letting them die a lonely death, I decided to write them down until I had enough of them to post here. These are the ideas that I thought, “Gee, I should post a blog about that,” but then realize it’s either too stupid or short (or both) to create an entire blog posting for, so I save them in Evernote (I love that app!) until I have enough of them saved to torture you with them. So, as you read, you may be thinking, “Perhaps some of them should have died that lonely death….”

This is my second installment of “Random Thoughts.” So enjoy… or not.

Get Me To The Church On Time

We’ve finally made it legal in the State of Delaware, although quite frankly, in my heart (and my partner’s heart), the ceremony we had in 2005, officiated in the kitchen of our new house with our family and friends in attendance, with the vows, exchanging of rings, etc., was valid in the eyes of God and man. But now that Civil Unions are legal for same sex couples in the State of Delaware, we decided to wade through the paperwork and red tape and complete the process.

By the time you read this (because you know I’ve been saving it for a while) we will have already picked up our license, set a date with the Clerk of the Peace, and had it done, signed, and stamped. But what makes it especially nice, is that we’re getting it done in the State in which we live. Wow! What a concept!

I’ve been hearing of so many couples who live in a State like … oh, let’s say Pennsylvania (where it’s neither legal nor recognized from other states) who have had elaborate ceremonies done in Connecticut, or Massachusetts, or Illinois, simply to have it done and made legal in those states; yet the immediately went back to live in their state where it meant nothing. Go figure. I wouldn’t have wasted the cash or the credit!

But then again, this isn’t something any straight couple would ever have to worry about.

The New Normal

(Gush Alert!!) We’ve been watching the new series on NBC this year called The New Normal. It’s about a gay couple who hire a surrogate to bear their child and how they grow closer to the surrogate and her daughter, etc., and all become a family together. Well, the 7th episode, called “The Godparent Trap” was, in my book, an absolutely exceptional episode. In the episode, the couple (Bryan, the lapsed Catholic, and David, the lapsed Jew) learn the importance of a Godparent and search for the perfect one for their yet unborn child. On their journey, they realize some incredible things – specifically, the need for their own spirituality.

In one scene, the Bryan goes back to his old church for confession, and in the confessional, talks with the priest about being gay, and having not been to church in 15 years or so. What the priest told him was something I’d never thought about and I felt it was an incredible message that needs to resound throughout the LGBT community. Basically, we’ve fought for everything over the decades – for the right to live our lives, for the right to marry, for the right to have children, for the right to love whomever we want – but the one thing we’ve never fought for was for our own souls!

OMG! This hits the nail right on the head!

The LGBT community has shunned the church for turning their back on us over all these years, and what have we done? We turn away and set up “churches” where we can worship. It’s like being relegated to a separate water fountain (as the character mentions in the show). We need to start fighting for the right to worship in the church we love (or the synagogue or the temple or whatever).

It made me realize that all these years being Catholic, myself (Anglo-Catholic), that I’ve been fighting for my soul, for my spirituality. I’ve refused to be relegated to the separate fountain to drink. And I hope and continue to pray that others will do the same and fight for their souls as well.

Clergy Masquerading Offensive Behavior by Calling it Ecumenism

Well, the clergy of S Clement’s Church Philadelphia throttles it higher and higher with every passing day they are allowed to run amok unchecked by the diocese. A video production in November of it’s curate (entitled “What’s the Difference Between the Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church?”) heaps insults in offensive ways by attacking the Roman Catholic Church – something the old parish of the S Clement’s never would have done before these two (the rector and his progeny curate) and their cabal took over with the intent of destroying everything S Clement’s once stood for (very sad).

In this video, the curate continues to insult the Roman Catholic Church, childishly pointing to His Holiness the Pope with a big, red “X” over his face and a buzzer sound like a wrong answer on Family Feud. Of course the rector comes running to the curate’s rescue when people start calling it what it was – offensive and unChristian – explaining that the RC Church has done the same in explaining the differences between the churches, therefore giving him the right to undermine other Christians. And yet another mistaken and misguided member of the parish who always seems to have a lot to say without actually saying anything, pipes in to say he thought the video fabulously done, and that it was okay since it was done in a very puerile way to make light of it.

Really? Really!

That’s like saying it’s okay to use the “N” word (I won’t even spell it out), or the term “spick” or the term “faggot” and they’re all acceptable just as long as you end it with a Jimmy Durante-style “Ah-cha-cha!”