Well, here we are. 2013. Whoda thunk we would see such a year? I mean, with the three apocalypses, alone, scheduled so close together, who thought we would have even made it to see 2013?

But I’m glad we did survive all that ruckus up to today. It just goes to prove that the Mayans weren’t trying to tell us when the end of the world would happen, they just ended their calendar much like we do on every 31st of December. Of course, if you remember, it all started recently with Harold Camping who predicted the world would end on May 21, 2011 with the rapture.

May 22nd was a rather awkward day for him and his followers.

Then he allegedly mentioned that his calculations were off, that a spiritual judgment occurred on the 21st of May and that everyone would be taken up on October 21 of the same year.


But beyond those two “ends of the world” and, of course, the supposed Mayan prediction of the apocalypse, there were other major hurdles we survived. For instance, more and more states legalized same sex marriages and unions – some states through the popular vote of the people and not through legislation, proving that the people really did want it – and you know what? The world didn’t end like all those anti-marriage equality groups thought! Gay men and women in all those states where it was/is finally legal were getting married, and heterosexual marriages weren’t dissolving!

Personally, I’ve never subscribed to any of those “predictions” for the end of the world. I just continue with my normal life knowing that when the world ends, it’ll end without my help one way or the other.

So lets all get on with our lives and enjoy what’s been placed ahead of us – an entire year without an apocalypse (I’m ignoring Ronald Weinland’s prediction for 2013, because he couldn’t get it right in 2011 or 2012 and just cheats by moving it back another year). Actually, we’ll have quite a long time to enjoy before the next apocalypse – it isn’t due until 2020! (If you’re curious, the whole list is here.)

May you all find 2013 to be filled with peace, joy, and blessings!