We all know it. We’ve all seen it. Everything from the news reports, to the laws and the discussions in the papers, in schools, in offices across the country. Ever since the mass shooting in Newtown, CT, a flood of discussions, anger, arguments, and denial over gun laws and the Second Amendment has been a major part of our lives. As I write this post, President Obama has just announced his plans for gun control, the NRA is up in arms (pun intended) about the entire issue, calling everyone that opposes anything they say an “elitist hypocrite” (Really?); and day by day, more people turn to the Second Amendment and ask, “should we do something about this?”

So with reading all this preamble of my blog post, you’re probably thinking: “Great. Now the Curious Bloke is going to offer his two cents on the issue – as if anyone really cares.”

Wow! You’re exactly right!

Now, let me preamble on a little bit more and state from the beginning that I’m neither pro nor con guns or the second amendment. I don’t own a gun, nor have I felt the urge to buy one or shoot one (no, not even after surviving life with my psycho ex). I have family that own guns (which, if you knew my family, should probably scare you), and they haven’t convinced me to believe one way or the other, no matter how they argue their point.

I’ve heard just about every stupid argument like everyone else. Gun control is how Hitler started his Third Reich. Gun control was the first stage in the beginning of the holocaust. Our Forefathers gave us the second amendment so that we could continue to protect ourselves against evil English Kings. Any English who agree with gun control in the US are trying to put America back under English rule again. A ban on guns would only keep the guns from honest people; the criminals would still have them. The Kardashians are a very talented family deserving of their celebrity and riches.

It would be interesting to hear all those rabid, pro-gun, NRA, right-wing-nut, people actually recite the second amendment of which they’re so fond. I would bet most of them (definitely the ones living in trailer parks with their front teeth missing) couldn’t do it. All they know is it allows them to own and use guns and that’s all that’s important. The Second Amendment, as passed by Congress, is: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Yes, I had to look it up, myself.

Everyone’s spent time interpreting exactly what they believe it means, but what I find most interesting is that people seem to feel that it was written with today’s lifestyle and fire-power in mind. “…the right … to keep and bear Arms” is correct, but does any civilian really need an assault rifle and high capacity magazines? If they feel they need that much firepower to protect themselves, there’s another issue there…

Personally, a part of me agrees with some sense of gun control – just like there’s control over alcohol, control over tobacco, control over pharmaceutical drugs, control over education, etc.; but I’m not in favor of a total gun ban. People do have the right to protect themselves. But let’s remember: one well-placed bullet has more effect than 100 sprayed about. Perhaps a part of “gun control” should include education and licensing (e.g., being tested to receive a license like you do with drivers’ education, rather than just paying for one like you do with fishing and hunting). We’re very careful not to give a license to someone under the age of 16 to drive a car, and anyone receiving a license to drive must first satisfactorily pass a driving test with a policeman sitting in the car (at least it was so in my day). The policeman (in my day, a State Trooper) was the one who determined whether you were competent enough to take that 2-ton projectile weapon on public roads where one could kill plenty of people.

Perhaps we should do the same with guns (along with psychological examinations). How many people would have guns if they were tested on target practice, and their knowledge of gun laws before getting their gun license?