The Doglettes’ True Names

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Not everyone is lucky enough to get a pet from birth, where they have the privilege of giving them a name. When I was a child (some will attest that was just last year), I grew up with “found” dogs – strays that wandered into our lives and stayed. We were lucky to have them, and to give them an appropriate name. The first one I remember was called “Missy.”

But already I digress.



Resignation of Benedict XVI

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Benedict Resignation

I never thought I’d see the day when the Pope would resign. Then again, I’m sure lots of other people never expected to see something like it either, considering the last time it was done was nearly 600 years ago when there was a plethora of Popes, necessitating one of them to be big enough to step down to strengthen the church.

At this news, I was hearing from people who were positively going through a melt-down with shock and fear: “Oh my Gawd! What’s going to happen now?”


Things Vacation Days Were Not Made For

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Garage Door Springs

This week I had the unprecedented pleasure of using a vacation day to have something fixed at the last minute at home. Oh, things were going along just fine to start off. Hubby got up early like normal and took the doglettes for their early morning walk (exiting and entering through the garage door), then I got out of bed and got myself ready while watching the news. I took Hubby to the train station (exiting and entering through the garage door), then continued with my morning constitutional, lunch packing, and doglette scratching/cuddling before I left for work early. As is typical for us, as soon as I walked into the garage, I hit the button to open the garage door so I can see if anything is in the way before I get into the car. And so, I hit the button.

The door struggled to open 5 inches.


Now What Should I Write About?

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Well, the day has finally come. I don’t know what to write about! Well, it’s probably safer to say I don’t know what to write that anyone would really care about. But then again, that’s my blog – the Seinfeld of the blogosphere.