Well, the day has finally come. I don’t know what to write about! Well, it’s probably safer to say I don’t know what to write that anyone would really care about. But then again, that’s my blog – the Seinfeld of the blogosphere.

I gave brief thought on writing about the Super Bowl. But then again taking into consideration that (a) I’m a gay man that has never really watched football in his life; and (b) everyone and their mother has been writing, blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, and twitching about the Super Bowl, the Ravens (yay!), the blackout, Beyonce (yay!), and the commercials – what in the world would I have to contribute to that media hot mess?

(By the way, I actually did watch the Super Bowl this year, if you really want to know. Both me and Hubby actually enjoyed it – and not just for Beyonce’s half-time show or the commercials. Although we don’t really understand the rules and the scoring or anything, we knew it was a big thing when Jacoby Jones ran 109 yards for a touchdown, and even I said he was allowed to do that happy dance. ‘Nuf said.)

Then I thought about the possibility of rummaging through my old blog posts and post something that none of you would remember having seen before, and pretending that I just wrote it. But then again, I tried to promise myself that I wouldn’t recycle any posts, but only write new things on a regular basis

I thought on writing about buying a new car (I know someone who just got one and absolutely LOVES IT!!!), or something about the doglette housetraining (still not there, by the way), or even something about how I hate the winter, stupid drivers, and moronic people. But then again, we’d be right back at square one – that’s my blog!

I could write something about S Clement’s Church, Philadelphia – Lord knows there’s plenty of drama going on there to keep me writing for years. But after a while it just gets so tiring to keep writing about the same people, repeating the same inappropriate behavior over and over and over again. The fact that those silly people in charge just can’t get their act together, thinking all their “innovative” ideas are “groundbreaking” and the works of the Spirit, is so wearying. Besides, it’s so unfair to challenge them to a battle of wits when they’re unarmed.

So here I sit at my computer, scratching my head, thinking, and wondering: Now what should write about?

Well, what do you know…? Lookie there! I’ve written something … about nothing!