Internet Privacy

I keep seeing these posts here and there – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs – about people declaring their privacy on the Internet. There are “privacy policies” by companies like Facebook and Twitter, Google and Instagram that we have to read and agree to before we use their services (free services, I might add). And the Internet has been wildly popular for quite a number of years, so you’d think people would know things by now. It’s not like the early 1990s on the Today Show when they were asking “What is ‘Internet’?

Then again, maybe it still is! I’ve been seeing people posting on Facebook, complaining about Facebook changing their privacy settings. People were complaining when Instagram changed their privacy settings, giving them full permission to use your photos for any advertising they wanted. People are complaining that Facebook changed their default settings so that friends of friends could see things they’ve posted when their friends and family like or comment on them, then demand, through a Facebook post, that I change settings for them on my Facebook to keep them totally private – requiring me to then post their same message to prove that I’ve done it.

I have SO many better things to do and post than that – like posting more Grumpy Cat memes!

And then still other people seem to feel they can send threatening messages “anonymously” through the Internet by not signing their name to an email, or sending an email or surfing the web from an “anonymous” computer in a coffee shop or something.

Well, to all of you out there who feel this way, here’s a news flash: The Internet is PUBLIC!

There’s absolutely no way around it. If you post anything on the Internet – anywhere on the Internet – it’s public! I don’t care who has “privacy settings,” or makes you “agree” to their privacy policies before they let you continue to use their servers and post things through their app. They could write their policies in blood that they won’t share any of your information, and it still doesn’t make a difference.

Think of it this way: How private is a public restroom? Let me give you a hint – it’s public!

Anyone who complains about their privacy being invaded online is a moron. To complain about your lack of privacy online is like shopping in the nude in a busy mall, then complaining that someone was looking at your bippie. It reminds me of the year the State of Florida legalized the right for women to go topless (I’m thinking men already had that right); then they complained that men were staring at their boobs!


So just remember, people – those pictures of your hoo-hoo that you took back in 1996, and emailed “privately” to a friend  whom you haven’t seen since the following year, has been making their way around the world since then. If you’re so completely concerned about your privacy being “invaded,” or someone seeing what you’re doing on the Internet, then there’s only one thing you can do to perfectly preserve your privacy: GET OFF THE INTERNET.

And finally, if it’s something you wouldn’t want your mother, or father, or sister, or brother, or friend, or acquaintance, or the neighbor down the street you never met before to see, then don’t post it on the Internet! Just ask yourself this question every time you want to post something: How will I feel about this in 20 years when my grandchildren see it and ask me about it?

Grandpa! Was that really you??
Um… No… That was the… uh… Curious Bloke … (whoever he may be…)