Abu Dhabi Oil

I recently read an article about Abu Dhabi in which it mentioned the most oil-rich of the United Arab Emirates is now home to the world’s single-largest solar power plant. (Somewhere in my fuzzy brain is another article I read about some other huge, massive solar power plant in the Mohave Desert, but that’s for another day.) And after I read the article I thought, “Huh. They’re really the smart cookies, aren’t they?” The concept of their going so green with their energy is so that they’ll be able to sell any of the oil they’re not using to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, back in the rest of the world…

Why are we so reliant on oil? Why are we so dead-set against finding other means of energy? Why wouldn’t we look to the United Aram Emirates (as well as places like Frieburg, Germany) to learn from them how to turn around our cities, use less (or no) oil, and find ways to think outside the box to power our engines and heat our homes?

It’s real simple: oil and natural gas are fossil fuels and have an end-life. Once they are used they are depleated and there will be no more. Beyond the concept of depletion, there is also the fact that burning fossil fuels (including coal) contaminate and pollute the air we breathe. We need to find re-usable fuels to replace oil – not to just make the environment a better place, but to stop relying on other countries (not that relying on others is a bad thing; just not the best when it comes to politics).

Yet it’s the oil companies that keep feeding us manure with their propaganda, telling us that we cannot survive without drilling for more oil, or finding more natural gas – and the sad thing is, we eat it up like it’s manna from God.

And let’s not forget the oil spills that damage our Earth. Remember the Gulf Coast oil spill? They’re still cleaning that crap up (and BP’s propaganda commercials continue to make themselves out as the great savior of the Gulf Coast states; do they need to be reminded it happened because of them in the first place?). And then there are the oil spills that happen on land that we rarely (if ever) hear of. These are no less damaging, contaminating the soil, causing evacuations, killing vegetation; yet the oil companies call the spills “relatively small” as if they really don’t matter to the environment – just as long as they have the money to pay hotel bills, feed families, and give children Easter baskets during their displacement.


So who are the real fools? The country(ies) that pump the oil and sell it to oil-hungry countries (like the United States), yet refuse to touch the stuff themselves; or the country(ies) that suck up as much oil as they possibly can (yes, that would be the United States again), while turning a blind eye to the damage and corrosion being done to the environment, and to the day it will eventually run out?

Perhaps what we need to do is turn our own blind eyes to the oil companies’ propaganda, and start investing in power technology research. Perhaps we need to stop making excuses for the “accidents,” thinking we have to endure because there is no other way.

There is always another way; we just haven’t found it yet.