Acupuncture, as anyone who knows me will attest, has done tremendous things for me and my life. Even Hubby – after seeing the remarkable changes (and dare I say… CURES) that have occurred just in the past few years – has overcome any sort of aversion to “needles” and ran to my acupuncturist for a shot of “feel good” for himself. Even he, now, goes every two weeks with me to get stuck – and he counts the days till his next appointment with me. Anyone who knows Hubby also knows that he has no ailments, no stress (he’s married to me, after all — STOP LAUGHING!), and basically nothing that he needed to be “cured.”  But going for maintenance has really made some other changes for him – even things that he never realized were a problem. In particular, he hasn’t been affected by seasonal allergies this year.

For those of you reading this who don’t know me or haven’t read any other prior posts about acupuncture (and what it’s done for me) – let me give you everything in a nutshell.


I used to suffer from acute migraines ever since I was a teenager. My mother used to call them “silent migraines” (she got them too), because we would get all the other symptoms (dizziness, nausea, the “blinking lights,” the loss of peripheral vision, sensitivity to light, etc.) but not the intense head pain. As I got older, I would suffer them more frequently until at one point I would have two or three a day. It would affect my vision so much so that for an entire year I’d given up driving because I didn’t know when one would hit me and couldn’t take the chance of losing my sight while driving.

I’d finally gone to a neurologist who gave me pills which didn’t do anything for me (the incredible nausea just wouldn’t go away), and then finally everything came to a head one evening after work. I came home with a slight sinus headache which continued to get worse. I took Tylenol for it, but even that wasn’t helping (it was allergy season, so I figured the headache was allergy-related). I was sitting there watching the television, and I knew they were speaking in English, but for the life of me, I simply couldn’t understand what they were saying. So I decided to lie down until the headache receded. As I lie there waiting, I realized that my arm and half of my face went numb. It lasted for about 20 minutes then finally went away. Eventually, the headache went away, too. It wasn’t until the next morning that I thought, “Holy crap! I think I had a mini-stroke last night!” – and immediately we went to the emergency room where they determined that I’d had a migraine. 

That was it. I ditched the neurologists, got a referral for an acupuncturist, and within a few sessions, the migraines completely stopped – the nausea was gone after the first!

I was completely hooked. I couldn’t wait to find out what else acupuncture could do for me!

Seasonal Allergies

The next thing she cured for me was my seasonal allergies. I was taking prescription allergy medicines (with decongestant) ever since my teen years. And they extended from season to season, so I was taking the medication all year long. About 2 years ago, I was finally, officially, tested by an allergist who told me that I was severely allergic to many different tree pollens, I was allergic to cats (but not dogs), grass, molds, and dust (but not dust mites). No wonder I was in misery all year long! As the years racked up, the allergies just got worse and worse, until I was eventually taking two pills (one in the morning and another in the evening), two nose sprays (morning and evening), two inhalers (one of which was for the times when it got really bad), and eye drops. I was a walking pharmacy!

So Acupuncturist worked on my allergies, I’m no longer taking any of my allergy meds (not even over the counter), and today – in the middle of severe allergy season, when the news is broadcasting pollen levels as HIGH and EXTREME every day – I don’t even have a sniffle!

Acid Reflux

I’d also been taking pills since 2000 for acute acid reflux. Without medicine, I was in so much pain I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t do anything. Yet the problem is, the insurance companies won’t let you take any one prescription for any length of time. Without warning, they simply deny the next refill, and you’re stuck scrambling to call Doctor to get her to prescribe some other medicine for it that might work. This game repeats itself over the years, and during the mad scramble to get another prescription for another medicine that the insurance company will pay for, there are nights of intense pain, and sleep deprivation (not to mention the waking bolt upright in bed in a major coughing fit because it all just came up in your throat and you’re choking on it).

Once again, my insurance company denied paying for the latest prescription I was taking – I’d been through at least 6 or 8 different medicines since the year 2000 and had just had enough of it all. By the third day, I was in total misery. It also happened to be the day of my acupuncture appointment, and I asked Acupuncturist to fix me.

And she did!

Between the acupuncture session and the Chinese herbs she gave me, I had immediate relief from the agonizing pain, and about one month later, having finishing the Chinese herbs, I was still able to eat anything I wanted and was sleeping like a baby – even Buffalo wings!

Food Allergies

Just recently, I learned that Acupuncturist cured me of at least one food allergy without realizing it. Having cured me of my allergies to tree pollens, I can now also eat apples (which I haven’t been able to eat an apple since I was a teenager). I ate my first apple the other night like a normal person (after having tested it a couple of times without any reaction). It was exhilarating! Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be trying pears, peaches, plums, cherries, and nectarines!

What Am I Trying to Say??

So after all this written B.S, you’re probably wondering what it is I’m trying to say about acupuncture. I mean, just saying it’s a cure for what ails ya should be enough, right?

No, what I want to mention is that the insurance companies still won’t pay for it. It’s much like the way chiropractic procedures were denied coverage even up to just 5 years ago. Why? Because these insurance companies are more than willing to continue to pay out money for prescription drugs that don’t cure; they only “manage” a condition (like allergies). Quite frankly, I”m not interested in managing any ailment – I want it gone! And why would it make sense to the insurance companies – from a financial perspective –  to keep paying out money for something that could be gotten rid of. They could actually make money by paying for acupuncture treatments, eliminating unnecessary medications, and even – at least to some people we’ve talked to – eliminating the need for surgery!

It all makes me wonder what needs to happen to get the insurance companies to look more closely at this idea. Or (even more importantly) have I missed something in this weird calculation? Perhaps they’re strangely in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies and somehow making more money by keeping people sick. Or, maybe they’re part of a larger government conspiracy theory.

Either way, I’m still going to continue getting acupuncture, as is Hubby. And be warned: If anyone talks to me about some pain, or illness, or ailment, or trouble, or disease, or surgery … expect me to say, “Do you know what’s good for that? … Acupuncture!