By the time this post goes live, we will have made it to the half-way mark of Level I Obedience classes with the doglettes. Yes, believe it or not, we’re trying to teach them something about obedience; but in all reality, I think the classes are more to train us than to train them. It’s a sneaky way to train us to give them as many treats as we can in an hour’s time or less. And let me tell ya: Hubby’s doing a wonderful job!

“Aww, look at that face! So cute! Here’s a treat!”

But we have, actually, learned some other useful things so far. Even the trainer was impressed with their progress (and truth be told, their ability to go 10 minutes without incessant barking was an impressive feat of progress). And they really seem to be picking things up as we go along. I never imagined they would even make it this far – especially after that first night.

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, it was dark; but the sound of the “storm” everyone heard was more the sound of the doglettes going bat-shit crazy barking at everyone and everything. That was the first time they’d ever been in a room with so many other dogs (all bigger than them), and strange people who weren’t fawning over them. We made the mistake of getting there 30 minutes early, so everyone who was there heard the Doglette Serenade in C# (they just didn’t shut up for the entire 30 minutes! Even the trainer got tired of listening to it and had us walk around the training circle to keep them moving and busy, and in hopes of getting them to stop barking incessantly … which eventually worked). We learned. Now we show up at the scheduled time … on the dot, and not a minute before!

Typical of children, these two sisters couldn’t be allowed to stay together – they would constantly get into trouble and not pay attention to the teacher. Kids! *sigh*

So what have they learned so far?

Apart from sucking down a pound of treats each week, they have learned Sit very well. Partly, no doubt, because it means they’re going to get a treat for doing it. They’ve also learned Sit and Stay which we’ve been doing with them for as long as we’ve had them. And then there are the other useful items: Hurry (to get them to walk faster), Easy (to get them to walk slower), and Leave It (to get them to not put it in their mouth while walking). Surprisingly, the Leave It command works well on Hoover, who (as you may remember) sucks up anything that gets close to her mouth.

The few commands we’re still working on include what I like to call the Stop Poopin In The House command. But there’s still a few more weeks of training left…