Tito's Vodka

Remember a couple of months ago, when I had nothing to write about? And I ended up writing about having nothing to write about? Well, now the entire opposite has occurred, and there are just too many things that have happened over the past weeks I feel like my head’s going to explode! I can’t even keep up with Random Thoughts!Did you ever sit down to write something, and so many dis-jointed ideas were running through your mind they resembled the image of someone herding cats? No? Well, let me introduce my brain to you!

You better hang on, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

DOMA was overturned by the Supreme Court, but I’m not going to write anything more about that because everyone’s said just about everything there is to say about it – and yet people are still arguing about it, whether it will destroy the institute of marriage, blah blah blah.

The doglettes are being the doglettes they are. It’s like having perpetual children. It’s amazing the changes that happen in such short times. One minute they’re little darlings, the next minute they’re bouncing off the walls and Hubby is ready to find them a new home because he can’t flush them down the toilet like he could with fish. “Oh, look, honey! The little darlings are cuddled up on the sofa sleeping.” “If only I could think of them as sleeping … instead of recharging…” “Why won’t they poop?” “Why do they keep pooping?”

Where did that pole come from?? All I was doing was a three-point turn in the little parking lot, when all of a sudden this big pole popped up out of no where! And now the new-ish car has a not-so-cute dimple on the side which is going to cost a mint to fix.

Insurance Agent: Were there any injuries in the accident?

Curious Bloke: Yes. My pride!

Women complain about the dates they have to remember. Well, let me tell you, you don’t have a clue when it comes to gay couples. Do you get angry because your husband has trouble remembering your wedding anniversary? Try remembering three! I have to calendar the date we met, the date we had our commitment ceremony (which is the real anniversary, if you ask me), then the date we were Civilly Unionized, then the date we were allowed to convert it to Marriage. If I hear one more woman complain about how their husband couldn’t remember their anniversary, I just might have to slap them. Remember this: In gay/straight-year conversions, a 6-month gay relationship is considered “long term!” I’ve been with Hubby for 10 years (married for 8, Civilly Unionized for 9 months, and Married for 3 weeks). In straight-years, that equates to 50 years!

It’s Summer. People keep complaining about the heat. Let me say this again: It’s Summer! It’s supposed to be hot… and humid… and sticky. Grab a cold hard piece of something and suck on it (Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about an Icee Pop or something like that.) It’s amazing how one can cool off and enjoy the Summer when one relaxes! And the media doesn’t help! “We’re going to have our 3rd heat wave this year! OMG! It’s so hot!” “The temperatures are going below freezing! OMG! It’s so cold!” Get a grip and just report whether there’s going to be some weather today!

This Zimmerman trial is getting on my nerves! I’ll admit, I was also going with the masses in thinking he was guilty from the git-go (Yes, I just said “git-go” and I have no idea what it means…), but the more I’m hearing from the trial, the more I’m wondering if he really is. And yet, so many people keep turning this into a race issue. Hell, even Trayvon’s family is telling people to stop making it a race issue! It’s 2013, people! Can we please get over “race?” Those who keep playing the “race” card are the ones who need to look in the mirror and stop it. If dogs of different breeds can get along and sniff each other’s butts, then why can’t we?? (Wait… that didn’t come out quite right…

And then there’s the ex-Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez who allegedly shot and killed a friend and then attempted to cover it up. Really? Geeze! With a friend like that, who needs an enema? (Yes, I’ve been sitting on that one for a while…)

Anthony Wiener wants to run for the Mayor of New York City. This man flashed pictures of his Mr. Wiener on Twitter by mistake (to someone who wasn’t his wife). He left office in disgrace, and now is back to give us more Wiener. So be it. He wants to lead a city, not run a Church. Just because he was allegedly unfaithful to his wife doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to run a bug business (such as a big city is). Yes, morals count to some degree, but shouldn’t there also be points for a good Wiener?

OMG! I love Tito’s Vodka! I learned about it from the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, tried it, and loved it from the beginning! (By the way, you haven’t to listen to them, you need to! They’re awesome!! Shout out to Elvis!! We love your show!! Check them out on iHeartRadio!) It’s just as good (or better) than imports like Kettle One or Belvedere, but so much cheaper!! So pure! So wonderful! If you haven’t tried it, you have to! It’s the best!

OMG! I love “Devious Maids!”


I’m exhausted… Pour me another Tito’s!