Facebook came on the scene worldwide in 2005 (at least according to Wikipedia). I was late in coming to the table and didn’t start my personal Facebook page until … gosh, I guess it was 2008 when I logged on for the first time! I never had a MySpace account, so I totally skipped that losing phase – so at least there’s that positive note…

But I quickly got into the whole “Facebook” mentality of posting my whole life’s moments online for the world to see, and “stalking” my friends to see what they’re up to from day to day.

The nice thing about Facebook was that it was a great way for me to keep tabs on people in my life that I wasn’t in contact with all the time (including some family members who are far away) without having to intrude in their lives with constant emails saying “What’s up?” or “How have you been doing?” or “Yo, dude!”

I was also part of some other services online to keep tabs on my friends and family – like Plaxo.com that constantly updated your address book with their contact information when they would move, or change their email address. But Facebook was different. Not only could I see when they moved, or when they changed their email address, or found a new job; I was able to see what they were doing whenever they posted crap on the Internet!

And so it continued….

But as time marched on, I found that we were more and more connected to Facebook, and it became more of a necessity to keep in touch with people. I “Friended” more people to keep tabs with them. Now, mind you, I don’t have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but it’s grown so much so that now I’m losing track of people again!

This came to my attention this past week when Hubby would ask me, “Did you see So-and-so’s post about blah-blah-blah?” To which I honestly had to respond, “Uh… no.”

So I’d jump on Facebook and scroll and scroll and scroll to try to find the post he was referring to to no avail. Finally, I had to just look them up in my Friends list and pull up their Timeline to find it! I was mortified, because I’m usually the one that knows what’s been going on with people and tell him!

So I’e become one of those people who rarely posts on Facebook – with the exception of the occasional article I find of interest I like to share, or the occasional funny picture, or the “Like” of someone else, trying desperately to keep up with the moving tides of timelines. Where some people would occasionally check into Facebook during lunch, during breaks at work (or sometimes … heaven forbid… during work), or in the car, or on the train, I’m at that point where I can only find the time to catch up with Facebook friends in the evening, while feeling like I’m snubbing Hubby (even though he’s the one who told me to see this or that on Facebook).

So this wonderful little website that used to give us the way to keep tabs on friends and family far away has now become a “necessary evil” of our lives. Birth announcements, deaths, surgeries, graduations, weddings, baptisms, funerals, parties, concerts, and the like are all found on Facebook – and if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist!

How and when did this happen?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to log back on to Facebook to see what the world is up to…