Happiness Is…


Happy Life

There are times in our lives when we reach a state of happiness – that state where we look at our lives, and though not perfect, we can at least say we’re happy. I was thinking about this the other day, and started taking stock of what makes a happy life, when Hubby and I came strolling out of the grocery store bumping into each other through the doorway like an old Three Stooges short, then laughing, and one of the employees of said grocery store (as she was entering) said, “You guys are always happy and laughing together!” Our response: Life’s just too short to be taken too seriously.



The Eyes Have It



I apologize for my absence in posting last week, but I was somewhat indisposed. I finally hunkered down and got the LASIK corrective surgery I was always dreaming of having and was focusing more on reading without glasses than writing a post. But then again, I thought to myself, “Self? This will probably make a good post, itself!”

Aaaaaaand here we are!


God Did Not Create Me for Manual Labor


Mowing the Lawn

I’ve always believed that God did not create me for manual labor. I think the realization came to me when I was a teenager and hired after I graduated High School to work in the stock department of a local department store. I was originally hired to stock shelves of beauty supplies in the store, but when that didn’t work out too well, I was transferred to the warehouse itself, marking and pricing merchandise, and sending it out to different store locations. Boy, were they barking up the wrong tree!