Mowing the Lawn

I’ve always believed that God did not create me for manual labor. I think the realization came to me when I was a teenager and hired after I graduated High School to work in the stock department of a local department store. I was originally hired to stock shelves of beauty supplies in the store, but when that didn’t work out too well, I was transferred to the warehouse itself, marking and pricing merchandise, and sending it out to different store locations. Boy, were they barking up the wrong tree!

After about 4 months of HELL, I was FINALLY laid off after the Christmas season (Woo Hoo!!).

It was at that moment I had my epiphany moment. I swear I remembered hearing at the moment of my birth the Voice from Heaven, saying, “Thou art a man, and thou art not made for manual labor.

Plain and simple, I think. Don’t you?

As a child, growing up, I was required to help mow the lawn of my grandparents’ lawn, which happened to stretch for an entire city block (their back yard was across the street from where I grew up). It was about a quarter of an acre of land, in total (felt more like 10 acres!), and I was in charge of trimming the sides with a manual shears (MANUAL shears! This was before the invention of the weed whacker. OMG! It was like living on Little House on the Prairie!). I would whine the entire time! It wasn’t pretty. And we had to do it during the spring and summer months, every 2 weeks! As a child, the only benefit was the 10 oz bottle of Coke my grandparents would give us after the job was done.

As I grew older, I grew an allergy to grass, and would have allergic reactions when working on the lawn. Over the years, I was slowly excused from doing the yard work. (Yippee!!) But then my parents took me to the doctors who would prescribe prescription medicine to counteract the reactions.

As I became an adult (Yeah, right… like some would argue that statement…) and moved out of home, I lived in apartments and never had to worry about cutting the grass again. But then Hubby and I bought our own home – complete with front and back yards. Thankfully, Hubby understood my predicament with severe allergies to grass (later confirmed by an allergist), and took up the standard and braved on to do all the yard work by himself. (Yes, I complained and whined that I couldn’t do it, even though I’d try, sneezing, and sniffling, watery eyes, nose running … NOT an attractive sight!) It was a hell of a lot easier for him to just do it himself than listen to my whining and dealing with my temper tantrums.

But then came acupuncture. (Damn…)

As you know from my earlier blog posts (such as here), my acupuncturist got rid of my seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, she also got rid of my excuse to get out of manual yard work labor at home! (I’m going to need to talk to her about that…).

This past weekend, Hubby was working on the front yard and needed help with the weeding (we’d since hired a service to mow the front lawn, so we didn’t have to worry about that.). He asked me to simply bag the weeds he was pulling, which I bravely did (BRAVELY did).

Not even a sniffle, damn it.

However, thankfully, because I wear corrective lenses (read: blind as a bat), in the heat, my glasses kept sliding down my nose and nearly falling off my face. After bagging nearly 2/3 of the weeds he’d pulled out of the garden, and whining for nearly 30 minutes, Hubby said to me, “Okay, honey. You did a good job. Go in and rest.” (Thank you, Jesus!)

But till he was done with the front yard, the fact remained that the back yard still needed to be mowed. It was getting long and needed it. So as I greeted him by the garage after he finished the front lawn, and reminded him that the back lawn needed to be mowed, the conversation went a little like this:

Curious Bloke: The back lawn still need to be mowed.

Hubby: I’ll do it.

Curious Bloke: No, I’ll do it…

Hubby: No, I’ll do it…

Curious Bloke: No, I’ll do it…

Hubby: No, I’ll do it…

Curious Bloke: No, I’ll do it…

Hubby: OK…

Damn. I lost!

Well, now that I’ve mowed the back lawn without allergic reactions, I’m afraid it’s probably going to be more of my chore to do. Thankfully, at least the summer months are nearly over, and the lawn cutting season is nearly done. I tried mowing over some of the flowers, but that didn’t stop Hubby liking the way I did the lawn.

I think I’m going to have to have a long talk with my acupuncturist this week…