I apologize for my absence in posting last week, but I was somewhat indisposed. I finally hunkered down and got the LASIK corrective surgery I was always dreaming of having and was focusing more on reading without glasses than writing a post. But then again, I thought to myself, “Self? This will probably make a good post, itself!”

Aaaaaaand here we are!

I must be just about the last person on earth who’s had this procedure done! As I was mentioning it to friends and family that I was (finally) going to have it done, I was suddenly learning of all these people who’d had it done years ago! And all this time I thought they just switched to contacts! Friends, cousins, neighbors, co-workers and colleagues, people I’d known for many, many years all ‘fessing up they’d had LASIK done last year, or 3 years ago, or 14 years ago, and they were so glad they did it.

But in all honesty, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done; and I would recommend it to the whole world (if nearly the whole world hadn’t already had it done before me). It was incredible! The Geek side of me was amazed watching the entire procedure unfold before my very eyes (quite literally); and the Gay side of me was all aquiver with excitement at all the fashion statements I could make with cheap readers. And the most amazing thing was waking up the next morning with clear vision! Looking down and seeing my feet in the shower was an experience!

Hubby has never had the need for corrective lenses, so he never quite understood my excitement; but I was so happy with his support. Though I must admit that I have now lost my final excuse for get out of doing yard work: “But I can’t do it! My glasses keep sliding off my face when I bend over!”

Hmm. Perhaps I should stop getting things fixed…

But the whole process got me thinking, as these things are wont to do. Once again, there is a procedure in place – one that is FDA approved – to correct a physical problem for which the insurance companies will not pay. And I simply can’t understand why insurance companies would rather continue paying for glasses and frames, contact lenses and eye exams, and all the chemicals used over a lifetime needed for corrective lenses. Speaking as someone who was practically blind without his glasses, and needing to spend nearly $400 each pair of glasses, this adds up over time. Within a few years of shelled out expenses, this surgery pays for itself in a few short years!

It’s like my soap box for acupuncture: A process that’s been in use for (literally) centuries – long before the existence of western medicine – which has cured my numerous issues. Yet the insurance companies would rather continue to shell out payments to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals and doctors in order to maintain a disease, rather than paying a (very) small fee to an acupuncturist to entirely eliminate the disease. Chronic (and sometimes debilitating) migraines? Gone! Acid reflux so bad you can’t eat or sleep? Gone! Food allergies? Gone! Seasonal allergies that have you taking prescription medicine all year long without respite? Gone!

Then again, perhaps the insurance companies are oddly waiting for us to make the moves. Dangle that carrot in front of our faces, let us pay for the procedures out-of-pocket because we’re sick and tired of taking those pills all the time, or seeing the doctors all the time, or sneezing or coughing or holding our heads in pain…. Doing it that way, we’re the ones paying for our own procedure and getting ourselves off everything the insurance companies were to paying for. Great Jehosephat! Where are the conspiracy theorists when you need them?

Well, at least now I have two good eyes I can keep on them…